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Spotlight on Cambodian innovation

Published Date: April, Tuesday 19, 2016

First ever innovation and technology festival to showcase local solutions

Phnom Penh, March 18-19: If you’re keen on discovering just how far Cambodia has progressed in the fields of social innovation and technology, join the queue and check out Inno-Tech Festival Cambodia 2016, the Kingdom’s first ever event to celebrate local pioneering solutions.

Organized by the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Communication Technology (NIPTICT) and presented by Cellcard, Inno-Tech will be held here March 18-19 at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. The event, which is expected to draw over 3,000 participants, showcases local tech and innovation and brings together civil society, the private sector, government bodies and agencies, tech-based communities and students.

Themed “Innovations for Everyone” and open to all, Inno-Tech will feature over 50 booths, open workshops, discussions, well-known speakers and a networking initiative dubbed Connection Café. This unique program allows participants to meet up with key stakeholders, company founders and investors from different sectors and industries for a chat and coffee.

The highlight of the event, however, will undoubtedly be Inno-Tech-A-Thon, a hackathon challenge co-organized by Cellcard and CoLab. The competition requires participants to create groundbreaking products or services using technology and innovation to tackle social problems. Winners are judged on idea originality, planning and execution, among other criteria, and stand a chance to walk off with cash prizes and other goodies.

“Inno-Tech is a great chance to witness just how far Cambodia has progressed in terms of producing inspiring social innovations and technology-based solutions,” said Cellcard CCO Laszlo Barta. “Technology and innovation are among the key drivers propelling The Kingdom into the future, and Inno-Tech aims to complement and enhance these segments by showcasing creative, unique solutions, individuals and groups that make a difference to society and help the nation achieve its aims.”

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