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Some things are easier forgotten

In the world we live in today, connectivity is a must.

And running out of balance is a constant unnecessary worry.

(Like we don’t have enough to worry about!)

That’s why we came up with a way to automate Top-Up – so you can stop worrying about it and forget about it.

With our new Scheduled Top-Up feature in the Cellcard App, you can set your own Top-Up schedule, link a payment method and we’ll make sure you’re Topped-Up automatically on the days you specified. It’s like having your own Top-Up runner!

By automating your Top-Up, you’ll never need to worry about running out of balance so you can keep talking, texting, surfing, browsing, shopping, learning connecting, and doing what you do without a hitch.

Set your Top-Up schedule now via

Cellcard App

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Date : 25 April 2024 05:59:21


Payment of : ONLINE TOP UP


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Order ID:


Mobile number : +


Amount : USD


Discount : USD


Total: USD

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