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With Cellcard eSIM service, how many Cellcard numbers can be registered under one device?

You can have up to 8 eSIM profiles.

What should I do if my phone is lost or broken?

Call the Cellcard Customer Care to block the number, then come to any Cellcard store near you to request for a new QR Code for the same number.

Do I need to delete my eSIM profile prior to sending my device for servicing/ replacement?

It is recommended to delete all profiles before sending the device for servicing. You can re-download your profiles later.

Can I use my existing Cellcard profile on another eSIM device?

Yes, you can re-download the same profile on another device. Remove the eSIM from the previous device first.

After, scan the QR code (Voucher provided by Cellcard) to re-download the profile on the new device.

Could I replace Cellcard eSIM profile with another eSIM provider’s profile?

Yes, you can decide to delete/ enable any existing profile, download another profile, or add profiles in your eSIM.

Who can get fare promotion from Malaysia Airlines?

All Cellcard users can get fare discount from Malaysia Airlines.

How much for discount?

You can enjoy special discount up to 15%.

Which destination will get discount?

The promotion is available to all destinations of Malaysia Airlines routes which departure from Phnom Penh only. (Subject to seat and class and flight available)

How to get discount?

How to claim promotion:

  1. To get your promo code, click here and provide us your phone number to request for the code
  2. Book your flight here
  3. Select your departing location, destination, date, number of passengers and cabin class.
  4. Fill in the Coupon Code
  5. Confirm and pay for your booking

How to process booking?

You must  click on campaign link which share by Cellcard on SMS, Facebook.

Step 1: after access to our website page, please select destination, departure date and return, select number of passenger who take flight and input coupon code inside promo. code box. àClick on Book Now

Step 2:Select flight fare for departure & return back, then total ticket fare included airport tax will show on your screen àClick onContinue

Step3:Input all information requirement àClick on Continue

Step4:process and select method of payment.

Note: After payment confirm, ticket will send to your email.

Can I use coupon code to apply on another promotion from Malaysia Airlines?

No, you cannot use coupon code to apply for extra discount from Malaysia Airlines promotion.

For ticket term & condition, please check through to airline’s website in below detail

  • Booking detail
  • Fare condition
  • Fare Rule

* Term & Condition, subject to be changed without prior notice.

What are the required documents?

  • Cambodian ID Card or Passport
  • Age: 18 – 65 Years
  • Salary Slip
  • Permanent Employees of any companies; Government; NGO at least 03 months
  • Living in current address at least 03 months

Who can apply for loan?

Now only available for people who are living in Phnom Penh.

How long can I get approval?

Your request will be approved by AEON in 1-2 days!

I am a seller. Can I apply for loan?

In this case, AEON will take further investigation.

Is there any Loan Collateral?

No Required!

How can I pay off the loan?

Monthly repayment can be done via Wing, True Money, Acleda, Maybank, China Bank, Campu and
CIMB Bank.

Where can I pay off the loan?

You can pay off the loan at any Cellcard office in Phnom Penh.

How much loaned amount can I apply for? For how long?

You can apply for a loan in the amount of $100<= $3,000.

The Loan Tenure can be paid back for 6 months, 12 months or 18 months.

How much is the interest rate?

1.5% per month (Flat)!

How can I check my balance?

To check your balance, please dial #823#  or call to 823

How can I check my phone number?

To check your phone number, please dial #1212#

How can I check my profile registration?

To check your profile registration, please dial #5656#

What is a dropped call?

A dropped call is when your call is suddenly cut due to some network interruption or disruption.

What is an on-net call? What is an off-net call?

On-net calls are calls made between two numbers who are both on the same network i.e. both caller and receiver are on a Cellcard number.

Off-net calls (which are also called cross-net calls) are calls made between two numbers from   different networks. i.e. the caller is calling a number that’s using another network.

I’ve switched to CellcardSIM and cant get anything to work. What to do?

Check your APN settings. Accessing a new network means configuring your phone to ‘see’ the network you want to use. Look for your APN settings on your phone and type in ’Cellcard’. If after you do this you still have difficulties, please call our hotline  on 012812812 or 812, and let us help you.

How do I access the Cellcard 4G network?

First of all make sure that your smartphone is 4G capable. You can check some affordable options in the device section of the Cellcardwebsite. If your phone is 4G capable, make sure to turn on 4G in the phone settings. That’s it! To know if your area is covered by the 4G network, Click Here

How do I check my balance and subscriptions?

Checking everything you have in your Cellcard account is easy with the Cellcard app. You can download it for free from Apple store or the Google Play store. With the app in hand you can also subscribe or renew subscriptions with a press of a button. No need to memorize shortcodes. Alternatively you can also use USSD to check your balance by dialing #124# or call the Cellcard hotline to check on your subscriptions.

How do I manage my data consumption?

One of the best ways to save on data is to make sure that only the apps you are using have their data setting turned on. Remember all apps consume data to do updates on the background. So you’ll save data if your turn off apps you don’t regularly use. Simply find the data settings on your phone and choose the apps to turn on or off at any time. Another way of managing data consumption is to know the resolution of the videos you watch. The bigger the resolution the more data it consumers.

What is auto renew and why does it eat my top-up immediately?

Auto renew is a plan setting where the system automatically renews your subscription as soon as they expire so that you wouldn’t have to do it manually by yourself. This is helpful to those who are too busy to worry about their subscription and wants to just be connected all the time. If your subscription is on auto renew, the system will automatically deduct money from your main balance to buy new subscriptions for those that have already expired. This is why you notice that when you top up there’s an immediate deduction. It must be your plans that are on auto renew. To find out which plans are on auto renew or to remove auto renew, please call the Cellcard hotline on 012812812 or 812. You can also download the free Cellcard app from the Apple store or Google Play Store.

How do I turn roaming on and off?

Simple. Just SMS ‘On’ to 125 before your leave Cambodia. You can also choose to roam only for voice and SMS. By turning your roaming on and then going to your data settings and turning your data off. You can then make and receive calls and SMS while roaming and access wififor data. To turn roaming off, SMS ‘off’ to 125 when you return.

What is one-way and two-way barring?

One way barring is a SIM card is not allowed to make outgoing calls, but it can still receive incoming calls. Two way barring is when the SIM card cannot make or receive calls.

What is the difference between main balance and bonus balance?

The main balance is where the top-up money goes. The Bonus Balance is where the “free” (or unpaid) services are deposited.

Where can I find the terms & conditions for Cellcard Club Program?

The terms & conditions for Cellcard Club are available here. 

Where can I track my stars?

Under “My Stars” menu. It reflects all the stars accumulated within the past 3 months.

Where can I see the rewards and deals I claimed?

Under “My Rewards” menu. It reflects all the rewards and special deals claimed within the past 3 months.

How can I redeem my Special Deals?

Each Special Deal has a “claim” button. By pressing the claim button, the Special Deal becomes yours and is saved under “My Rewards”. “My Rewards” contains all the rewards and special deals you have claimed in the past 3 months. If you have selected a telco offer, it is provisioned to you immediately. If you have selected a reward that has to be collected from one of the Cellcard Experience Centers or Partner stores, then your reward would have a code (QR or e-voucher) and is saved as “pending”. Show your code at the Cellcard Experience Center or Partner Store to claim your prize. Once you collect your prize, the status will change to “claimed”.

What privileges can I enjoy with Cellcard Club?

The privileges and special offers you get depends on your Cellcard Club level. Each Cellcard Club level is sure to present you with a range of personalized deals and partner offers. Check your Special Deals menu regularly so as not to miss something exciting!

How can I get upgraded?

To go to a higher Cellcard Club level, you must reach the number of stars required. As soon as you have accumulated enough stars, you will progress in level and unlock more benefits. The number of stars for upgrade is assessed daily.

Can I get downgraded?

You will be downgraded or assigned to a lower Cellcard Club level if you haven’t accumulated enough stars to remain in the Cellcard Club level you are currently in. Your star balance is reviewed once a month and we will alert you regarding any changes to your Cellcard Club level.

What is the validity of play chances?

Each play chance is valid for 14 days from the top-up date. All details are available under the Shake‘n Win menu. We will send a reminder if you haven’t used the play chances that are about to expire.

How can I play the Shake‘n Win game?

You earn Shake‘n Win play chances whenever you top up a minimum of $1. The number of play attempts varies based on the Cellcard Club level you are in.


Entry: 1 attempt

Iron: 2 attempts

Ruby: 2 attempts

Sapphire : 3 attempts

Gold : 3 attempts

Each time, you get a chance to select an instant prize you like.

To play, simply shake your phone and follow the instructions on the screen.

What is the validity of stars?

Each star is valid for 3 months from the time you acquire them.

Can postpaid customers join Cellcard Club?

Cellcard postpaid customers will be able to join the Cellcard Club at a later stage.

What language is the program available in?

Cellcard Club is available via Cellcard App in Khmer, English and Chinese languages.

How many stars do I need to progress to the next level?

Entry : 0 – 30 stars

Iron: 31 – 50 stars

Ruby: 51 – 500 stars

Sapphire: 501 – 2000 stars

Gold: 2001 stars and above

You are able to see the status bar with the number of stars required for the subsequent Cellcard Club level on your main Cellcard Club page in the Cellcard App.

How many levels are there in Cellcard Club?

There are 5 membership levels in Cellcard Club.

Entry : 0 – 30 stars

Iron: 31 – 50 stars

Ruby: 51 – 500 stars

Sapphire: 501 – 2000 stars

Gold: 2001 stars and above

Each level entitles a member to a set of rewards and experiences that continues to grow as you progress in Cellcard Club level.

What is Cellcard Club?

Cellcard Club is a program designed to provide great value and experiences for Cellcard customers by rewarding the continued use of Cellcard’s services with extras, bonuses and exciting prizes. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a loyal Cellcard customer.

The benefits and gifts provided by the Cellcard Club are meant to complement your digital lifestyle; offering bonus internet allowances, free subscriptions, and even chances of winning some of the newest smartphones available.

The program is open to all Cellcard customers. To join the Club, simply download the Cellcard App, register for Cellcard Club membership, and accept the Cellcard Club Terms & Conditions.

How does it work?

Cellcard Club is designed with 5 progressing levels of membership. To reach each level, you must collect stars earned through top-up. The more you top up, the more stars you collect, advancing you to the next level with bigger perks and bonuses. These include telecom related benefits, premium merchandise, dedicated services and exclusive privileges from our partners. Different levels, a different set of prizes.

On top of that, the Cellcard Club also provides you a chance to win instant prizes every time you top up $1 minimum. Prizes range from telco benefits to devices. These may vary depending on availability.

To join the Club, simply download the Cellcard App, register for Cellcard Club membership, and accept the Cellcard Club Terms & Conditions. Your Cellcard Club level upon registration is determined by the cumulative amount of top-up in the past 3 months multiplied by your tenure with Cellcard = no of stars = Cellcard Club level. You will also be presented with 5 welcome stars once you opt-in.

0-3 months tenure 1 X $1 for Stars

4-6 months tenure = 2x $1 for stars

7 24 months = 3x $1 for stars

2-5 years = 4x $1 for stars

5+ years = 5x $1 for stars

Once you are a Club Member, you will receive the rewards you are eligible to claim.




乐龙龙卡是否可以迁移到其他价值计划 ?


是否可以取消订阅乐龙龙卡的自动更新计划 ?

答:可以。如果您希望停止使用您的乐龙龙卡自动更新,请拨打*9888*0# 或拨打9888 并拨打0。请注意,您订阅的乐龙龙卡过期之后,使用过的数据将按正常的通话费率从主余额收取。从新订阅乐龙龙卡,请拨打9888 并选择您的首选计划,2美金的计划或拨打*9888*2#  或8美金的计划请拨打*9888*8#

我如何可获得免费 Grab 计程车?

答:购买Cellcard乐龙龙卡SIM=> 下载和注册Grab App => 当您预定Grab计程车时,请输入促销代码“CELCH”为了享受共六趟免费Grab计程车价值8,800柬币

我如何可从我的乐龙龙卡计划获得免费3 VAS ?

答:激活了乐龙龙卡计划之后,自动免费3 VAS。订阅免费一个月,一个月后是正常收费。

How can I check if my SIM card is registered?

Dial #5656# and press send.

What should I do if my SIM card profile is not updated or if my SIM does not have a profile?

You can update your profile or register your SIM card profile via the following channels:
Visit any Cellcard Office together with a valid ID.

What are the required documents to register a SIM card?

You can bring one of the following documents below:
Valid Cambodian Citizen ID card or

  • Valid Government Employee ID Card with bearer’s address on or
  • Valid National Police ID card or RCAF ID card with bearer’s address on or
  • Buddhist Monk ID Card or
  • Valid Passport or
  • Valid Family Book or
  • Valid Driver License

Can I check my profile even if I am on postpaid?

Both prepaid and postpaid customers can check their profile through #5656# and press send

Do I have to pay for checking my SIM Card profile?

No. It’s FREE of charge.


You can choose one of your BIG LOVE below:

BIGLOVE $1 call 898 & press 1 or dial *898*100#

BIGLOVE $2 call 898 & press 2 or dial *898*200#

BIGLOVE $8 call 898 & press 3 or dial *898*800#

You can also send BIG LOVE to friends as gifts!

To send BIGLOVE $1, dial *898*phone number*100#

To send BIGLOVE $2,  dial *898*phone number*200#

To send BIGLOVE $8, dial *898*phone number*800#

Can I subscribe to BIG LOVE if my account is inactive?

Sorry, you can only subscribe to BIG LOVE with an active account. If your account is inactive, please top up.

Can I send BIG LOVE as a gift to a friend even if his account is inactive?

Yes, once your friend receives BIG LOVE, his/her number will be shifted to active.

What is Cellcard Executive?

Cellcard Executive is the powerful plan of the New Cellcard Executive plan, which allow customers to enjoy all the features of the postpaid including the credit limit for your balance reserved after finishing the plan benefit and also the roaming feasibility on the go.

How do I subscribe my company to the new Cellcard Executive Plans?

Call 012 999 712 or 712 to get in touch with a Cellcard Executive sale agents who can recommend the best suited plan for your needs and gladly assist you through the subscription, activation and transition process.

What is Cellcard Executive Lite?

Cellcard Executive Lite is similar to the prepaid plan, which allows you to control your payment and feel hassle-free with a top up feasibility whenever and wherever you need.

Who can subscribe to Osja Xchange?

All Cellcard prepaid subscriber, except Fix Line (WLL), Thom Thom & Tourist Plan, can do Osja Xchange. You can also do an Osja Xchange even if you are presently subscribed to any Cellcard Plan like XG, Tamjet or Niyeay without affecting your value plan subscription. However if you are subscribed to Osja $1=$30, your subscription will be replaced by the new Osja Xchange.

What is the Charging rate for Osja?

The charging rate will follow the base rate of the value plan you are subscribed to. If you are not subscribed to any value plans, then it will be charged at regular rate.

How do I get the free 30 minutes per day?

Free 30 minutes will be automatically deposited to your account after successful exchange. You will receive an SMS notification when your account receives the bonus minutes. The validity of the daily free 30 minutes is until 23:59 of each day. At 00:00, minutes that are not used will be wiped out and replenished with another 30 minutes for the following day. Make sure your account is active to receive the daily 30 minutes bonus.

If I change SIM card or phone, can I still access the contents/apps that I’ve purchased using my old SIM card or phone?

yes if the new SIM is Cellcard and if your google mail account remains the same.

What happens If I accidentally deleted the content/ app that I purchased?

You can download the same content again without getting charged.

From which merchants can customers purchase contents using Pay with Cellcard Main Balance Service?

At launch, it would be Sabay KING OF CARDS game (download the game from playstore for Android and app store for iOS)

Can Subscribers purchase content while using Wifi?

Yes but with verification process. Cellcard will send a 4-digit PINcode via SMS.

When there are generic error messages displayed like “ERROR MESSAGE” OR “PAYMENT CANCELLED” what does it mean?

It could mean any of the following:

  • There is technical problem/system error during your transaction

Solution: Wait for a while and try again

  • You are not using Cellcard or you are on a postpaid plan

Solution: Make sure you are using Cellcard prepaid

  • You have entered the incorrect phone number when registering on wifi for the first time

Solution: Make sure you have entered a valid Cellcard number on prepaid.

  • You have entered the incorrect PIN code

Solution: Make sure you have entered correct PIN code

  • It takes you too long to enter the PIN code

Solution: Make sure you have entered the PIN code within 10 min from the time PIN code is received via SMS

  • You do not have sufficient air time credit (on your main balance) to complete the purchase

Solution: Top up and try again

When there is another generic error message displayed like “SORRY, YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR LIMIT OF 5 PAYMENTS IN 1 DAY, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER” what does it mean?

It means you have either exceeded the amount of 9.99 USD per transaction, or with a maximum cumulative amount of 20.00 USD per day or with a maximum of 5 transactions per day

Solution: Wait for the next 24 hours and retry the transaction again (24 hours from each of your 5 transactions).

I’m XG4.5 user, I would like to upgrade my plan to XG6. What can I do?

Just make sure you have enough balance $6  or more in your account. Then dial #8282#60#1#, you will upgrade your plan from X4.5 to XG6 automatically. For assistance please dial 812.

Can I use my XG bundle if my main balance is zero but it’s not yet expired?

Yes you can. Your XG plan will only be suspended upon expiration of your main balance. However, it will be reactivated as soon as you top-up.

What happens to my unused XG bundle when the plan expires or when I subscribe to a non-XG plan?

All unused benefits in your XG plan will be forfeited or wiped out.

When I am subscribed to an XG plan, can I still subscribe to iNET or other bolt-ons?

Yes you can. You can subscribe to any of these together with your XG plan: iNet, Dach Yub, SMS pack, Unlimited Facebook, VIber, Whatsapp and Line.

Can I subscribe to more than 1 XG plan at the same time?

Yes you can have multiple subscriptions, each with their own validity periods. The XG plan that expires first will be used first. We will automatically renew the last XG plan you subscribed to.

Is there any migration fee if I migrate to XG?


Can I use XG​​ plan for commercial purpose?

Cellcard prepaid plans are specifically designed for personal mobile use. We recommend these plans are not used for commercial purposes as it may affect other customers’ personal service. Cellcard reserves the right to suspend accounts that utilize such plans for mass broadcasts such as SMS blasts, call-out services and/or spamming, etc.


Who is eligible for this promotion?

This promotion is available for all Cellcard customers who subscribe Osja $1=$30 together with the new or renew plan.

Does this promotion apply to both auto and non-auto renewal?

Yes it is applies to both auto and non-auto Osja $1 = $30

What is the difference between auto and non-auto renewal?

This only applies to Osja $1=$30. Choosing auto renewal for your Osja plan means that after your Osja plan expires, Cellcard will automatically re-subscribe to a new Osja plan for you. This saves you the hassle of redialing subscription short codes every time. Choosing non-auto renewal means that you are subscribing to a plan only one time. After your plan expires, Cellcard will not renew your plan for you. You will have to re-subscribe manually.

What is the validity of the Osja 10c = $2.5 benefit?

Osja 10c = $2.5 is valid only until 23:59:59 every day. Your unused benefit will be wiped out at midnight

Can I subscribe to Osja 10c = $2.5 more than once per day?

You can subscribe up to 2 times per day. That means you can only turn 10c to $2.50 two times per day.

Can I subscribe to Osja $1 = $30 more than one time within the same week?

Yes. You can.

Who are eligible to be my TamJet minute sharing members?

All prepaid Cellcard subscribers can be your minute sharing members (except WLL).

Can I be a minute sharing member if I am a TamJet subscriber?

No, TamJet subscribers cannot be minute sharing member of another TamJet subscriber

Can one person get minutes from multiple TamJet subscribers?

No, Minute sharing members can only be included in one TamJet subscriber’s minute sharing list. This means they can only share minutes from one TamJet subscriber at a time.

What is the difference between auto and non-auto renewal?

Choosing auto renewal for your TamJet plan means that after your TamJet plan expires, Cellcard will automatically re-subscribe to a new TamJet plan for you. This saves you the hassle of redialing subscription short codes every time. Choosing non-auto renewal means that you are subscribing to a plan only one time. After your plan expires, Cellcard will not renew your plan for you. You will have to re-subscribe manually.

What is Dach Yub?

Dach Yub is a new promotional package for off-peak calls and data, available from 12am-6am

How many times can I subscribe to Dach Yub?

You can subscribe to a Dach Yub plan 10 times/night.

What happen to my unused data or minutes after expiration?

All remaining unused data and minutes of bundle will be completely removed after expiration.

If I subscribe to iNET Plan and Dach Yub, which plan will be used first?

During off-peak hours (12am-6am) Dach Yub bundle will be used first.

What happens to my unused data after expiration?

All remaining data will be completely removed upon expiration at 23:59:59 (No roll over).

If I subscribe to different iNET Plans, which iNET Plan will be renewed automatically?

The last iNET plan that you subscribed to will be automatically renewed. Daily RIEL DEAL will be automatically renewed without message notification after successful renewal. iNET200/ iNET500/iNET1000/ iNET2000 (Weekly & Monthly) will be automatically renewed with one day advance message notification.

What is Fair Use Policy?

Fair Use Policy is put in place with the objective of protecting subscribers’ equal rights to access Cellcard’s internet services. With this in mind, the Fair Use Policy acts to police unfair and unreasonable consumption of data, which can negatively affect other subscribers’ usage and experience.  Examples of customers who abuse the Fair Use Policy are customers using Cellcard Internet for Internet cafes, SIM boxes, or customers selling the data services for profit. When a subscriber reaches unfair or abusive usage of the data service, Cellcard reserves the right to slow down data speed or in other cases, terminate the service to protect the majority of customers using the service.

Can I use my SIM card for Deskphone?

No, SIM cards used with deskphone are automatically locked to the Deskphone unit, and can no longer be used for other phones.

What does the Package include ?

It includes 1 Deskphone Unit, 1 SIM card preloaded with $1, $1 credit/month for 12 months, and 1 month warranty on Deskphone software.

What happens when I make calls over my bundle limit?

You will be charged from main balance at 4.5 cents/min.

Is VoIP bundle automatically renewed?

Yes. The system will automatically renew the bundle upon expiration.

What happens to my remaining bundle when I re-subscribe or when the bundle is renewed automatically?

You can use your remaining bundle until it expires. New subscriptions will be treated separately. No balance roll over will be allowed.

How can I set up my phone for internet?

For IOS Phones:

Go to Settings => Cellular => Cellular Data Network => APN type word “Cellcard”

For Android Phone:

  • Some Handsets: Go to Setting => More Setting => Wireless Network => Mobile Network => Access point Name => Create New APN => Connection Name “fill in whatever you want” => APN Name fill in “Cellcard” => Save.
  • Some Handsets: Go to Setting => Wireless Network => Mobile Network => Access point Name => Create New APN => Connection Name “fill in whatever you want” => APN Name fill in “Cellcard” => Save.
  • Should you need further assistance, please call 812.

Why are the data and SMS rates more expensive in Niyeay vs. Regular?

Cellcard Niyeay was introduced to give you the best value voice deals. If you want to use a lot of data, then we suggest you migrate to Cellcard Regular (dial #8181#4#1# & press send) or Cellcard XG (#8181#3# & chose your plan) both of which have great data inclusions.

What if I do not need to use internet?

If you do not need internet, you can turn off your data by following these instructions:

IOS Phone: Go to Setting => Cellular => click Off on the Cellular Data.

Android Phone: Go to Setting => Data Usage => Click Off on the Mobile Data.

What is $10K daily raffle promotion?

It is a special promotion that allow Cellcard customers to get a chance to take home $10,000 in cash every day.

How to join this promotion?

It is very simple, you just call or SMS  “10K” to 8888

How much will it charge per SMS or call to 8888?

It will be charged 20 cents per call or SMS to 8888

When the lucky draw will be started? Where?

The lucky draw will be broadcasting live on Cellcard YouTube Channel at 6:00 pm everyday.​ Click here

How can I know I am a winner?

You can get information from the live broadcasting lucky draw daily at 6:00 pm or if you don’t watch live broadcast during that time. You still get information from Cellcard, we will call to inform you on the next day from phone number 077 999 197 or you can call to 812

How do I call overseas?

Dial [177][Country Code][Area Code][Phone Number without “0”].

What is the call rates for international calls?

If you are using VoIP (177),  call rates is 4.5cents to 12 countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, Laos, France, Hong Kong, India, USA and Canada). Please click the “INTERNATIONAL SERVICES” tab for rates to call other countries.

How much do I pay for prepaid roaming?

While roaming, incoming and outgoing voice calls will be charged USD2.50/min

How do I top-up my account while roaming?

Dial [*123*][ 14-digit scratch card code][ #] and press send

How do I check my balance while roaming?

Dial #124#

How do I deactivate my international roaming?

SMS [OFF] to 125

How do I get international roaming?

Activate your roaming before leaving Cambodia. SMS [ON] to 125