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Post-Paid Business Plans

Worry-free plans that enable you to focus more on your business.

The Cellcard Executive is a range of post-paid business plans designed for maximum convenience, providing you with unlimited free calls among company staff, bigger data, all-net benefits, and plenty of on-net minutes to call anyone within the Cellcard network. Choose between a range of basic and premium plans.

Schedule for a corporate sales executive to visit your office and walk you through all the available options.


Corporate Staff  Plans

Corporate plans for your employees that you can control

The Executive Lite is designed to mobilize your employees by keeping them connected while keeping you in full control of mobile expenses.It  is one of our most popular offers among small and medium-sized corporate clients. It is a cross between a postpaid plan and prepaid plan, giving companies the ability to take control of staff mobile phone budgets. At the same time it is flexible enough to ensure employees can continue enjoying connectivity on the Cellcard network beyond the company allocated budget, at their own cost. With Executive Lite, companies can offer telecommunications benefits while having peace of mind and security



Your perfect travel companion 

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, our competitive roaming rates ensure you always stay connected and up-to-date with all your business and family activities wherever you are. Take advantage of full roaming service with full access to voice, data and sms or for the practical roamer, turn of data to save on data roaming and opt to access the internet via wifi. For prepaid customers, a Happy Roam value offer is also available for subscription, where roaming activities are charged at as low as 500 riels/min, SMS, and MB.


Cloud PBX

An easy and affordable way to systemize yourcompany’s phone lines

The Cloud PBX solution is a perfect product for businesses who manage a lot of incoming customer calls. It acts as a hotline for calls to be automatically routed to other lines within your business network.

If one line is busy, it simply routes to another to ensure every important customer call is answered and responded to.

All of the routing services are performed via VoIP so that calls can be routed to your staff even if they are abroad. And because its VoIP, rates remain flat and affordable.

Customized your company greeting, set up scheduled hours  to answer calls, and even define the areas to direct your customers calls to with Interactive Voice Response.This feature allows you to pre-record greetings and providemenu options for customers to select and direct their calls.

The Cloud PBX solution provides an additional benefit of unlimited calls within your designated network (Closed User Group (CUG) Service).


SMS Advertising

The fastest and easiest way to reach your customers

SMS advertisements allow you to promote your products and services through targeted SMS to Cellcard’s profile-based subscribers, reaching them directly and instantly with your messages and offers.

Send messages to a random selection or customize your SMS advertising audience by either choosing a selection criteria or providing your own database.


Choose from our selection criteria:

  • ARPU – Average Revenue Per Subscriber
  • Location – Province
  • Device (Feature phone or Smartphone)
  • Device Feature (with Khmer Unicode Support)
  • International Services Users (International Calls or Roaming)
  • Heavy Data Users (Usage more than 3G per month)
  • Heavy Voice Call Users (Usage more than 500minutes per month)

Save on marketing costs with affordable rates on a channel that’s sure to reach your customers

SMS Quantity Basic Plan (2 criteria) Add 1 more criterion Number of Schedule Validity(day) Minimum Invoice
Less than 50K 5c +1c 3 45 200 USD
50K or more 4c +1c 5 90 Depends on quantity

SMS advertisements are available in both English and Khmer languages and scheduled deliveries can beaccommodated.


Please be informed that Cellcard valuesthe privacy of its customers, and personal information are kept confidential with collection and disclosure only if the number is suspected of a fraud or illegal activities or in compliance with instructions of regulators and other competent authorities.

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