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Share your Instagrammable moments? Stay online and share your favorite Thailand trip moments for as low as $2. Head over to Cellcard App > Home Page > Discover > International Service > Roaming Internet and choose your Thailand Roaming Pack to subscribe.
To enjoy your Thailand Roaming Internet Pack, please choose one of our preferred partners when you are traveling abroad.

How to subscribe?

Option 1: via short code dial


Option 2: Subscribe via Cellcard App
Head over to Cellcard app and follow these instructions

How to use Data Roaming service?


iOS ​

1. Go to Setting > Select Cellular ​​

2. Turn on Cellular Data > Select Cellular Data Options​​

3. Turn on Data roaming​​

4. Fill-in “cellcard” in APN ​



1. Launch your phone’s Settings app ​​

2. Navigate to Connections > Mobile Networks > Turn on Data Roaming​​

3. Fill-in “cellcard” in APN ​



• You need to be in the designated country ​

• You have subscribed to the roaming package​

• Your mobile phone will be automatically connected to our preferred partners (if not, please select the operator that has agreement with us to utilize the roaming package)


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