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Terms & Conditions


  1. Usage such as calls, data, SMS and others will be charged to your prepaid account, consuming bonus, bundle subscriptions and main balance in this order.
  2. Updated information about fees and charges, current plans and promotions, charging blocks and charging order will be published in the Cellcard website (www.cellcard.com.kh) and supersedes all other rates at the time of subscription and previous written agreements.
  3. Prepaid account holders can check their account balance and consumption by dialing #124#, #823# or through the Cellcard App. Monthly bills or invoices is not sent to prepaid subscribers, unless otherwise requested, at which it can be provided at a minimum fee.
  4. Cellcard reserves the right to delete customer’s account from the system and/or transfer the account to another customer if the account has not been topped up within the last 90 days after the exhaustion of the last top-up and expiration of the plan /bundle validity (“exhaustion duration”).
  5. Cellcard reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account at times of emergency, with fake Identity document, suspected fraud or use in connection with illegal devices that switches or reroutes calls or traffic to the Cellcard network, delayed payments, and/or in compliance with instructions of regulators, emergency service organizations and other competent authorities.
  6. Cellcard is committed to maintaining confidentiality of customer’s usage, unless it is required by law to collect, use or disclose personal information to emergency services organizations or to law enforcement agencies.
  7. Cellcard is liable to the customer in connection with the supply or interruption of the service but not for consequential loss (damages caused by the delay of its services). Claims in connection to service failure, malfunction or interruption will be reported in writing, 14 days since the issue occurred. Claims raised after the 14-day period and having no written proof will not be entertained.
  8. Cellcard may send its subscribers promotional SMS or IVR messages from third party partners.
  9. Cellcard reserves the right to change and/or update these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  10. Cellcard prepaid plans are specifically designed for personal mobile use. We recommend these plans are not used for commercial purposes as it may affect other customers’ personal service. Cellcard reserves the right to suspend accounts that utilize such plans for mass broadcasts such as SMS blasts, call-out services and/or spamming, etc.
  11. Fair Use Policy is put in place with the objective of protecting subscribers’ equal rights to access Cellcard’s internet services. With this in mind, the Fair Use Policy acts to police unfair and unreasonable consumption of data, which can negatively affect other subscribers’ usage and experience.  Examples of customers who abuse the Fair Use Policy are customers using Cellcard Internet for Internet cafes, SIM boxes, or customers selling the data services for profit. When a subscriber reaches unfair or abusive usage of the data service, Cellcard reserves the right to slow down data speed or in other cases, terminate the service to protect the majority of customers using the service.

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