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Everyone enjoys the internet differently. That’s why there’s Serey+ for everyone! Whether you’re a gamer, music lover, movie buff, social media addict, it’s time to enjoy Serey+. With Cellcard Serey+, enjoy the freedom of having your data and using it the way you want to, plus save all unused data with Serey+ Rollover.

Ready to break free and enjoy the internet to the max?

Choose your Serey+ today:

Terms and conditions:

  • Plans available to all Prepaid Cellcard users.
  • All plans are auto renewal upon exhaustion or expirations.
  • Unused active bundles will be rolled over to the next plan when customer renews the plan before current plan expires.
  • Customers can subscribe multiple times.
  • Customer is allowed to upgrade and downgrade.
  • Customer can buy subscriptions as gift to their friends who are also subscribed to the plan

How to subscribe to Serey+?

To Subscribe Serey+ $1.5: Dial *1615*150#

To Subscribe Serey+ $4: Dial *1615*400#

To Subscribe Serey+ $6: Dial *1615*600#

To Subscribe Serey+ $10: Dial *1615*1000#

You can also subscribe through the Cellcard App. To download the App: https://bit.ly/ccappdl

What are the benefits of the Cellcard Serey+ plans?

Serey plans offer big data allowance that do not limit you to specific websites. This gives you freedom to use your data however you wish.

Serey plans also offers On-Net mins, On-Net SMS and roll-over of unused benefits so whatever you didn’t finish adds up to your new plan and nothing goes to waste.

Who are the Cellcard Serey+ plans for?

Cellcard Serey plans are for everyone, especially those who enjoy being online.

How is Cellcard Serey+ better than all other plans?

Cellcard Serey provides better value than most older plans of Cellcard. Compared to available $1 plans it offers double data for a small addition of 25c-50c. All Cellcard Serey plans also feature roll over. This means nothing goes to waste. If you renew your plan before expiry all unused balances roll over to your next plan.

What happens when I finish my data before the plan expires?

Your Cellcard Serey will auto renew if you have enough main balance. If you don’t have enough main balance, you’re not able to use data and you need to top-up to renew the plan. Download Cellcard app and top-up here: https://bit.ly/ccapptptp

Why does Cellcard Serey+ not charge data to my main balance?

This allows our customers to control their expenses better and avoid fast charging. Data is the biggest consumption of main balance. To ensure your main balance is safe, Cellcard Serey will stop your internet use when you finish your data.

What happens when I finish my calls and SMS before my plan expires ?

When this happens, your excess calls and SMS will be charged to your main balance.

How many plans are there under Cellcard Serey+?

There are 4 price plans under Cellcard Serey $1.5/7 Days, $4/28 Days/$6/30 Days and $10/30 Days

Does the plans have rollover?

Yes the plan has rollover. Rollover of unused bundle applies when you renew your plan before it expires.

How do I subscribe to Cellcard Serey+?

You can subscribe to Cellcard Serey by USSD *1615# and choose your Cellcard Serey

You can also download the Cellcard App to subscribe with more convenience.

Can I subscribe to more than one Cellcard Serey+ plan?

Yes, multiple subscription is allowed and the bundles are accumulated. Example you can subscribe to Cellcard Serey $1.5 & Cellcard Serey $4 at the same time while the two benefits will be accumulated.

How do I unsubscribe to Cellcard Serey?

You can unsubscribe from Cellcard Serey by subscribing to another plan or through the TRC short code *1200# . When dialing unsubscribe short code by TRC, all recommendations by TRC shall be followed and subscriber will be migrated to Regular+.

How do I send Cellcard Serey+ plan as a gift to a friend?

You can only send a Cellcard Serey+ plans as a gift to a Cellcard Serey subscriber.

To send a gift, follow the following:

  • *1615*phone number*150# for Serey+ $1.5
  • *1615*phone number*400# for Serey+ $4 (New)
  • *1615*phone number*600# for Serey+ $6
  • *1615*phone number*1000# for Serey+ $10


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