Published Date: April, Monday 29, 2024

CAMGSM PLC. (Cellcard ), a leading Cambodian telecommunications provider, announced the exciting news of announcement from Opensignal awards Cellcard as the winner for Download Speed plus 2 joint awards for Video Experience, and LIVE Video Experience.

As part of the initiative, additional sites have been erected across 10 provinces. IBS and Microcells solutions have been deployed to fill coverage gaps in Phnom Penh’s residential areas and “Boreys”. Enhancements also included a complete network software upgrade and VoLTE activation.

The implementation of these multi-tiered enhancements provides Cellcard’s customers with significantly better coverage, internet speeds and overall experience. This means faster and clearer call connections, faster data transactions and exchanges, reliable connectivity for day-to-day usage, and uninterrupted digital lifestyle activity such as social media browsing, gaming, video, music streaming, and more.

“Telecommunications is not difficult to understand nor navigate once you grasp and master the basics, and at the very core of any telecommunications business is the network. To realise Cellcard’s vision of enabling, supporting, and enhancing our customers’ digital lifestyle, we’re re-energizing the focus on network enhancements as a major component of our strategy. That’s where it all starts. Winning the Opensignal awards shows we’re on the right path, and it is good to be recognized for all the hard work put in by the Cellcard Teams and our network partners’ teams. It is paying off. We’re very excited to once again receive the Opensignal citation and look forward to getting some positive feedback from our customers.” – Simon Perkins, CEO Cellcard.

With the recent win, Cellcard cements its reputation as the most awarded Telecom in Cambodia, with  over 50 awards and accolades, demonstrating its commitment to providing its customers with the best quality offers and services.

Opensignal Awards – Cambodia: Mobile Network Experience Report, February 2024, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period 1 October – 29 December, 2023 © 2024 Opensignal Limited.

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