Cellcard launches Cambodian’s first data product just for gamers - PlayGame Unlimited | Cellcard

Cellcard launches Cambodian’s first data product just for gamers – PlayGame Unlimited

Published Date: December, Tuesday 01, 2020

After months of product design and development, Cellcard today released PlayGame Unlimited, a data product tailor-made just for the growing gamer community.

Apart from all the great unique game-related benefits, the service is completely inclusive for all gamers no matter their age, location or SIM that they use.

The bold move follows Cellcard’s launch of Cambodia’s first virtual games platform PlayGame earlier in the year.

The platform now caters to tens of thousands of gamers who can compete against their peers, win cash on the leaderboards and keep up to date with the latest streams and vlogs from the content creators.

PlayGame Unlimited gives unique access to all gamers for free skins, incentives and discounts, but the greatest benefit is true unlimited data for those on a Cellcard SIM.

Customers who choose either the weekly, monthly, three-monthly or annual memberships will never run out of data when playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile.

Additional data is given for free to enjoy Facebook Gaming, plus data bundles are provided for all other data usage such as streaming browsing, chatting etc.

Cellcard members will also have access to great events, merchandise discounts and hang-outs with Cellcard gamers and content creators.

A welcome feature of the product is enabling gamers to generate and gift special e-vouchers from global brands who are not fully available in Cambodia such as Steam, Play Station, XBOX, Nintendo, Apple, Google Play, Spotify, Netflix , and Amazon.

The product has its own game currency PlayCoins which are exchangeable for game items and e-vouchers, giving rewards nowhere else available in Cambodia.

Every transaction from subscribing to bundles or topping up will earn members points which can be exchanged for the PlayCoins which are then used to purchase from the gamer marketplace of goodies.

The first 3,000 members on the plan will be gifted 50% extra PlayCoins for free with PlayGame influencer referral codes and every member has the chance to win a new iPhone 12 Pro from the lucky draws being held every Friday until 08 January 2021.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said PlayGame Unlimited was especially designed around gamer’s behaviours and needs.

“Cellcard is committed to providing a platform for our talents to learn, grow and gain regional and global exposure,” he said.

“We have created PlayGame Unlimited to be part of that eco-system and platform we are building to support and grow the gamer community.

“Our end game here is to uplift our local talent, develop Esports athletes of the future and enable them to compete globally and access the prize pools that other more mature markets can put up.”

As well as launching the PlayGame virtual platform, Cellcard was named Cambodia’s Best Network for gaming in August by OpenSignal.

The leading mobile operator is regularly featured in the region’s leading Esports and gaming publications such as Mashable and IGN.

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