Cambodia needs your vote: 5G Asia Operator CXO of the Year Awards | សែលកាត

Cambodia needs your vote: 5G Asia Operator CXO of the Year Awards

ថ្ងៃចេញផ្សាយ: កញ្ញា, ថ្ងៃ​ព្រហស្បតិ៍ 06, 2018

Cellcard today proudly announced that Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson has been officially shortlisted in this year’s Operator CXO of the Year Awards by 5G Asia.

The nomination, from the team at 5G Asia, follows Cellcard’s increasing global recognition for its super-fast 4G network.

Cellcard’s focus now moves to preparing for 5G and Mr Watson will take the stage at the 5G Asia conference in Singapore later this month to share his vision for Cellcard 5G in Cambodia.

Customers, partners, friends and family are encourage to vote for Cellcard’s CEO Ian Watson by clicking here.


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