Smile Shop x Cellcard | Cellcard

Whether you’re living in yellow, orange or even red zones, you can now get your groceries and Cellcard SIM cards delivered straight to your door!​

SmileShop via its partnership with MOC is now licensed to deliver in all zones, including red zones so all Cambodians get access to food, Cellcard SIM cards, Top-Up cards, and other essentials.​

​On top of that, our exclusive partnership with SmileShop offers Cellcard subscribers in all zones a special advantage. Cellcard subscribers who register their number in the SmileShop App can claim the following Cellcard Exclusive Offers:​

  • $5 cash back on purchases over $25​ (Claims can be made 2 times during the promotion period)​
  • Priority delivery within the day​
  • Also, for everyone ordering a Cellcard SIM card via SmileShop, we’re offering a free limited edition Cellcard mask!​

It’s easy to buy a Cellcard SIM card through Smile Shop. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is.​​