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Schedule your Top-up & Get FREE 1.5GB!

Have you ever experienced forgetting to top-up and being unable to make calls or browse the internet? Or do you find yourself manually topping up every week or every month?

With Cellcard App’s Scheduled Auto Top-Up feature, your life can be much easier, and you will receive FREE 1.5GB Data when you successfully schedule your first top-up through the app. By setting your weekly or monthly auto top-up, the Cellcard App will do the work for you!


Here are the steps that you can follow to schedule your top-ups:

1- Open Cellcard App

2- Tap on “More”

3- Tap on “Scheduled Top-ups”

4- Tap on “Schedule a Top-up”

5- You can choose whether it’s for your number or other numbers

6- Select your Payment Method

7- Choose your amount and tap on “Next.”

8- Choose your starting date. The Top-up will begin on the selected date and tap on “Next.”

9- Choose your Top-up frequency. You can choose Weekly or Monthly.

10- Enter your top-up occurrences.

11- Check your details and tap on “Confirm.”

12- Enter your PIN

13- You top-up is scheduled and enjoy your FREE 1.5GB Data!


This offer is valid from 6th November to 31st December 2023.

Schedule your Top-up now: Click Here!

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