Published Date: May, Monday 02, 2016

Inked and publicized in recent weeks, the agreement between the two entities comes to fruition with the roll out of a series of workshops called SE Launchpad. Aimed to roll-out as a tour across 5 key cities, SE Launchpad will be able to provide knowledge, skills and support to more budding and aspiring social entrepreneurs outside of Phnom Penh.

“We are excited to roll this project out together with Social Enterprise Cambodia. We are happy and even proud to give our support towards this initiative. Teaching, encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurship especially among the youth and the many talented Cambodians will create only positive impact not only for the entrepreneur but to their communities as well.” – Laszlo Barta, CCO Cellcard

Social entrepreneurship provides an excellent method for creating sustainable positive impact. Using business models to tackle social and environmental problems, social entrepreneurship is a growing force, but many people are not aware of the concept or how they can make it work for their own ideas or in their community. This is why in 2015, Social Enterprise Cambodia in partnership with Cellcard is so excited to bring our intense, practical and inspirational ‘SE Launchpad’ to 5 cities across the country” — Alberto Cremonesi, co-founder Social Enterprise Cambodia

One of the key differentiators of SE Launchpad is that it will be fully delivered in Khmer, featuring inspirational talks and mentoring from successful Khmer entrepreneurs, making it the first of its kind at least in its own category. Some of the guests speakers and mentors include founder and CEO of My Dream Home Kongny Hav, CEO of Phare Performing Social Enterprise Dara Huot and Chhunny Noem, founder and Director of Anakot Academy.

“Though the concept of social entrepreneurship is not new in Cambodia, many people – particularly the younger ones – are not aware of it. We don’t even have a word in Khmer for it.” – Sophea Kuy, co-founder Social Enterprise Cambodia.

The SE Launchpad provides an overview of social entrepreneurship and in 9 practical and interactive steps, shows participants how to transform an idea into a viable business proposition. Its aim is to teach participants how to understand a social or environmental problem affecting their community; how to create an effective solution; develop a strong value proposition and innovative business model; build a sustainable financial plan; create an inspirational vision and mission; ensure positive, scalable impact and pitch their venture to a panel of real-life investors and entrepreneurs. All of this in 56 hours!

“The skills the participants will be taught are not only relevant to starting a new venture. Skills such as team-work, public speaking, innovative thought and critical analysis will all be developed, in a fun and supportive environment. Get ready to get up and dance with your team!” – Alberto Cremenosi, co-founder Social Enterprise Cambodia

The first leg of the SE Launchpad tour will be on July 3-5 at Siem Reap, in partnership with Young Startups. Sihanoukville, Kampot, Battambang and Phnom Penh will be part of the roll out in the following months. For more information on the SE Launchpad and upcoming events, please visit

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