Published Date: December, Thursday 22, 2022

Cellcard and Ezecom contribute to the Digital Forensics Symposium’s agenda to bolster internet safety through on-going initiatives towards reinforcing data privacy and protection policies (Ezecom), SIM card registrations (Cellcard), as well as efforts towards promoting digital literacy.

The Digital Forensics Symposium, held over 14-15 of December at the Cambodiana, shed light on the need for consolidated efforts between both government and private institutions to drive down children’s exposure to Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE).

Cambodia has an impressive track record of economic growth, and is aggressively building towards a digital future. However, in a country where half of the population is below the age of 25, digitisation necessitates the need for robust child protection legal frameworks.

Cambodia’s Internet penetration rate was 78.8 percent of the total population at the beginning of 2022, with total internet users at 13.44 million. With almost 80% of the total population accessing the internet, there has also been increasing number of reports of OCSE. As of August this year 183 cases have been reported (Action Pour Les Enfants). The average number of online child sexual exploitation cases reported to the authorities before the COVID-19 pandemic was around 150 a year.

In 2021, the National Council of Children (CNCC), in collaboration with the National Committee for Counter Trafficking-in Persons (NCCT), the Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI), officially launched a five-year National Action Plan 2021-2025 to prevent and respond to the growing numbers of OCSE in Cambodia.

The Digital Forensics Symposium’s primary role was to review the status of digital crime in Cambodia and to strengthen cooperation towards investigation and prevention of online and technology-based crimes committed against children through knowledge exchange.

Highlights of the two-day Symposium included a discussion around the regulatory framework for Internet service providers with the Cambodian National Police, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and the active cooperation of Cellcard and Ezecom, who also presented initiatives in raising the standards of privacy, data protection and identification.

In recent years, there have been significant global increases in reports of online crimes against children and cybercrimes in general. More and more young people are using the internet every day, and many are vulnerable to sexual exploitation. The impact of these offence can have a devastating impact on young people including trauma and emotional suffering leading in some cases to suicide.

A child who has been abused suffers emotional and mental trauma throughout their life. These can affect our community and cumulatively adversely affect the human potential of our nations. The economic costs in terms of health care and combatting OCSE alone are significant. All children have rights to special protection, and rights to opportunities to access the positive benefits of online tools, applications, and an access to internet. Ultimately, we all want our children to enter society to live healthy and peaceful lives. We all can help to stop cybercrime and ensure that online technologies and quality internet gives a bright future for each one of our children.

“Digital Forensic is an excellent opportunity to meet professionals and relevant stakeholders to network, develop partnerships, exchange ideas and expertise, ask questions for better cooperation, establish confidence, and work more quickly and effectively for any emergency scenario. Ezecom continues to collaborate and cooperate closely with relevant agencies and the government of Cambodia to strengthen and gather evidence for the investigation and to carry on with its corporate mission to fight cybercrime and safeguard our children” said Mrs. Irina Afonina, Director, Product Development & Pre-Sales INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Ezecom. 

“The immense growth of mobile communication comes with the significantly increased risk of being exposed to a cyber crime. At Cellcard we understand this challenge therefore besides making strong steps to protect the rights of users to privacy and security, we also cooperate with the law enforcement institutions within the frame set by the law. The importance of protecting children from various threats in the cyber space while they using mobile phone cannot be emphasized enough. This is why at Cellcard we are proud to co-sponsor this Digital Forensic Symposium organized by the Child Protection Unit together with the National Police.” —- Cellcard CCAO, Mr. Laszlo Barta

During the event, case studies were also presented by the Anti Cyber Crime Department, the Forensic Department Technical and Scientific Police, and the Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department. These case studies provided examples of digital evidence procedures and cooperation to resolve investigation. These presentations created awareness and better understanding of investigative procedures, which can be replicated in future cases.

The Child Protection Unit with the approval of His Excellency Police General Neth Savoeun, Commissioner General, Cambodian National Police and the gracious support of The Royal Group of Companies, Ezecom and Cellcard, held a Digital Forensic Symposium at the Cambodiana Hotel Phnom Penh between the 14th and 15th of December 2022.

The conference was attended by participants from various organisations such as the Child Protection Unit, the CNP’s Anti Cyber Crime Department, the Cambodian National Police’sAnti Cyber Crime Department, , the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department, and the Forensic Department Technical and Scientific Police. The conference was also attended by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Cambodian National Council for Children, industry experts and technology experts, and international NGO’s representing the field of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Protection.

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