Chance entry into $10K Raffle Promo turns into new house for lucky Cellcard customer | Cellcard

Chance entry into $10K Raffle Promo turns into new house for lucky Cellcard customer

Published Date: December, Wednesday 26, 2018

One lucky Cellcard customer who attended the Christmas Day prize giving ceremony had an even greater surprise at 6pm when he was announced the Cellcard winner of $100K.

Phnom Penh Government Officer, Mr. Oum Saveth , couldn’t believe his ears when he received the call from Cellcard about his jackpot win.

Mr. Saveth had entered the 10K Raffle Promo on Christmas  Day when he saw that it had rolled over to $100K.

He was one of the many winners who attended the Head Office event that day to be awarded his prize – a Yamaha Janus 2018 for subscribing to iKnow iKnow.

“I am a big believer in luck and to win two prizes on the same day is an amazing feeling,” Mr. Saveth said.

“I put my entry in at the last minute and didn’t think about it more because I was so happy to win the motorbike.

“With the prize money, my family can buy a new house after living in the upstairs apartment for many years.

“The Cellcard promotions really do work to help improve lives. A big thanks to Cellcard from me and my family.”

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