Cellcard X Sabaicode students make good progress on projects to solve social issues | Cellcard

Cellcard X Sabaicode students make good progress on projects to solve social issues

Published Date: February, Wednesday 02, 2022

Cellcard X SabaiCode 2021 Bootcamp students had just completed module 2 of their 4 modules curriculum. The completion of the Front-End with React /Next JS module equipped the 4 teams; Domnak, Frugality Book, Place and SmartLoad knowledge in Git & GitHub, Bitbucket, ReactJS /NextJS: PWA with MU/Ionic, UI Testing (Jest, Enzyme) and Capacitor/ Electron.

A presentation of each team’s progress was done on 24th January, 2022 at SabaiCode.

“We’re very impressed with the progress of the students. Their enthusiasm and passion for their projects is very much apparent. They’ve put a lot of hours of hard work in learning, understanding and applying the lessons they’ve learned throughout the course so far, and we could see the desire and interest to learn more as they build their dream projects into reality one code at a time.” – Piseth Leng, Co-Founder of SabaiCode.

The Domnak Project is focused on filling a gap in the property rental services. Their aim is to create a web-based app to specifically support the property rental needs of local migrants; especially students and workers moving to Phnom Penh. The app will also be providing a service to smaller properties by digitising the way they advertise their property, and providing a platform catering specifically to room rentals rather than an apartments or condos. Prototypes of the Domnak platform, together with their requirements and project plan were presented during the event.

The Frugality Book Project aims to digitise access and trade of used books, addressing the needs of students who cannot afford to buy new text books with an alternative resource. The project endeavors to provide a free online library access, and an online shop for used textbooks. The project also addresses environment issues by providing used text books a longer lifespan, it contributes to reducing waste. A prototype of the platform, detailed customer journey, technology to be utilized in development and development timelines were presented during the event with a platform test slated for December this year.

The Place Project aims to support the recovery of tourism with a platform that explores off-the-beaten-track spots, complete with recommendations on transportation, accommodation, activities and places to eat. A unique feature of the project is its ability to accommodate user-generated content, allowing locals to feature and promote their favorite spots and the hidden gems of their own provinces. The platform will have a comprehensive search and categories to help visitors filter recommendations according to their preferences or interests. Available in both Khmer and English, the team intends for the platform to be the top choice of both local and foreign tourists when it comes to exploring Cambodia. The project team presented a detailed structure of the platform, tracking customers’ journey and highlighting the platform’s extensive features. The team will be actively seeking partners for the project in later stages of development.

The SmartLoad Project aims to support online sellers with a platform stacked with tools to track, analyse and store customer purchase history, giving insights on business performance as well as enhancing customer service. The project prototype features a real-time dashboard which makes it easy for users to assess their performance in a glance, while offering order tracking and customer database.

“We’re very pleased to see the progress in these projects. We see the potential in each of these applications and appreciate that these were built to address unresolved needs and gaps in the market. It tells us so much about the youth of today, their insights, and their interest in being part of the solution. They’re passion projects, and that shines through in their presentations. They’re thinking through how these applications will work to deliver the experience that they envision, and what tools and knowledge they need to make it a reality. We are looking forward to see these applications come to life and to see each student grow into their full potential. Congratulations to all the teams!” – Simon Perkins, Cellcard CEO.

Module 3 will focus on the Back-End Development using Express JS, Database MongoDB technology which will enhance the implementation of their project.

The SabaiCode bootcamp is an intensive 12-month programme that will transform young students with no prior coding experience into full stack developers ready for the workforce. Cellcard has partnered with SabaiCode to give 10 students a place on a coding Bootcamp as part of its commitment to building digital literacy and capacity in the Kingdom.


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