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Cellcard prize ceremony gives $200K back to loyal customers

Published Date: September, Wednesday 11, 2019

Today’s prize-giving ceremony saw Cellcard hand more than $200K in cash and prizes back to loyal customers.

This is the 9th such ceremony this year for lucky winners to be awarded their prizes from the successful promotions during the month of August.

The ceremony was held from 4 pm at Phnom Penh’s YAMAHA Office located opposite Bak Touk High School.

The winners were from Cellcard’s most successful promotions such as the new iKnow iKnow Challenge, Fish-A-Motor: Season 7, and the daily 10K Raffles.

There were 16 winners in total including two lucky customers who won the 10K Raffle jackpots of $100K and $90K in August.

The other prizes awarded included:

  • Yamaha QBIX 2019 – 8 winners (Fishing Motor – Season 7)
  • Yamaha QBIX 2019 – 5 winners (iKnow iKnow Challenge)
  • iPhone XS Max – 1 winner (iKnow iKnow Challenge)
  • Cash prizes – 2 winners (10K Raffles promotion – $100,000 and $90,000 respectively)

Cellcard’s promotions will continue to surprise and delight its customers giving them the chance to win amazing prizes every day.

For more information on Cellcard’s promotions, prizes and how to win them, visit www.cellcard.com.kh and follow Cellcard’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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