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Cellcard, keeping Cambodia connected

Published Date: March, Thursday 21, 2019

As Cambodia suffers from low water levels, resulting power outages are expected to last for more than 2 months.

Cellcard continues to lead the way in supporting our customers.

In this difficult time, Cellcard will respond the only way it knows how – to continue being our customers champion ensuring that our customers can communicate whenever and wherever they are.

As the only 100% Cambodian owned mobile network operator, we have a responsibility to keep families and businesses connected, to keep loved ones in touch, and to allow every single Cambodian access to our award-winning network and service no matter what.

Cellcard, as part of our Green Power Initiative, power over 70% of our network by solar power, not only helping the environment, but also allowing people to use our network without interruption. In addition to further support and help our customers stay connected, we have, in areas which have no solar power, deployed mobile generators to ensure people can use the Cellcard network without interruption.

More generators are being installed every day to find in any power gaps and to sustain service for all our customers, with continuous network monitoring supported by our network operations team to ensure connectivity, today and throughout the coming months.

As power cuts intensify, we understand the need for urgency, and Cellcard network teams have been working 24/7 to complete installation of our network reserves. On the ground support crew have been tirelessly delivering and calibrating equipment, battling rough terrain as they struggle to reach even sites in the most remote areas.

But the effort has been nothing but rewarding, and we thank our customers for their continued support and appreciation for our services. Over the past 7 days since we’ve started this initiative, we have noticed a huge surge in customers using both our data and voice services, confirming that we continue to deliver the best network experience across all provinces. The positive feedback from our customers is all we need to fuel our passion to serve our customers better, every day, in every way we know how.

To further give customers comfort of our network performance, any call dropped even through power cuts will be refunded by Cellcard.

To all Cellcard subscribers, please don’t worry. We are there for you.

We are Cellcard, and we are proudly Khmer, keeping this great nation connected.


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