Cellcard celebrates Khmer New Year | Cellcard

Cellcard celebrates Khmer New Year

Published Date: April, Thursday 13, 2017

Today Cellcard employees celebrate the Khmer New Year together with traditional games and a blessing at their Head Office in Pnomh Penh.

Employees, including senior management, will be in traditional dress and compete in games such as Hit the Claypot, Sack Jumping, Grab the Tree Leaf and Egg and Spoon Race.

traditional blessing will be performed by Monks at 4pm, flowed by the Trot Dance.

Cellcard CEO Ian Watson said it was important for Cellcard to celebrate the Khmer New Year and engage with team members before they travelled home to their provinces.

“We are the only Cambodian-owned telco in the country and we are truly proudly Khmer.

“On behalf of all of the Cellcard team we wish everyone a wonderful, safe and happy Khmer New Year and a prosperous year ahead.”

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