Cellcard brings new Digital Arts category to Kbach Arts 3rd Annual Competition | Cellcard

Cellcard brings new Digital Arts category to Kbach Arts 3rd Annual Competition

Published Date: September, Monday 07, 2020

Cellcard today announced a new Digital Arts Category in the Kbach Arts competition which is staged each year to discover emerging new artistic talent across Cambodia.

Cellcard and Kbach Arts formally launched the 2020 competition which had been delayed due to the pandemic – artists have until November 30 to submit their entries.

The launch event, held at Hops Brewery in Phnom Penh, included live demonstrations of digital art creation as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences complimenting the tradition arts demonstrations and live DJ sets.

The competition is expected to attract hundreds more entries than previous years with the Digital category enabling artists to create and submit their entries virtually.

Cellcard Chief Excecutive Officer Ian Watson said in recent months people had turned to online alternatives for everyday living which promoted his team to do likewise for artists.

“Having a Digital category encourages artists to explore new technologies and art concepts and gives far greater access for artists right across the Kingdom to be part of the Cambodian arts community.

“We wanted a category that fits the tech savvy digital generation that we see surging in Cambodia today.

“Through art there is an enormous opportunity for creativity and innovation to come together in new ways, and we are really excited to see the results.”

Kbach Arts owner and founder Tony Francis said he was thrilled to have a partner in Cellcard to help propel the competition into new territories.

“Cellcard and Kbach Arts have a lot in common and we believe we can together create a whole new range of opportunities for Cambodia’s artists to explore, express and shape their careers in new ways.

“At Kbach Arts we are focused on discovering and growing talent with our many programmes to give our top artists international exposure, experience and mentoring.

To encourage entries right across all provinces this year, Cellcard and Kbach Arts will host a special webinar series for all artists interested in gaining insights and knowledge.

Three top artists so far are confirmed including Hour Soben, Rodrigo Garzon and Yean Sokheng, with more to follow throughout the competition period.

For more information about the competition and how to enter follow Kbach Arts Facebook Page.

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