Cellcard and Royal Group signal the introduction of 5G with the signing of a major Framework Agreement with ZTE | Cellcard

Cellcard and Royal Group signal the introduction of 5G with the signing of a major Framework Agreement with ZTE

Published Date: November, Wednesday 11, 2020

Cellcard, part of the Royal Group of Companies, today signed a major The signing ceremony t with ZTE Corporation for the introduction of 5G and increase of 4G coverage and capacity across Cambodia.

The signing ceremony was officiated by Royal Group Chairman Neak Oknha Kith Meng and Managing Director, Engineering & Service of South East Asia ZTE , Mr Song Chaojun  in attendance with Senior Management from both Royal Group and ZTE.

The agreement comes at a critical time for Cellcard and Royal Group as they formalise plans for rolling out 5G as well as evolving its 4G LTE coverage and quality.

The agreement covers a significant financial investment that will position Cambodia as a one of the leading nations in the region for 5G adoption.

Cellcard, the only Cambodian-owned operator in the Kingdom and the longest serving with 24 years of operation, has long advocated its 5G intention to bring to fruition the Royal Group Chairman’s vision for a fully digitalised Cambodia.

Neak Oknha Kith Meng’s vision is in direct support of the Royal Government’s agenda for Industry 4.0 to support the growth of the economy and GDP and to empower all Cambodians to benefit from the advantages of living in a digital society.

Royal Group’s ICT Division of Cellcard, Wing Money, Ezecom and Broadcasting operations CBS and Digital Sky are in close collaborations for a shared digital strategy for Cambodia.

The strategy will see a full transformation of the ICT sector as the role of Connectivity, Data, Content and Security in people’s everyday lives change with the introduction of 5G and the large-scale adoption of technologies such as IoT, Big Data, AI, and VR/ AR.

Neak Oknha Kith Meng said Cellcard together with the ICT Division operations would ensure the introduction of 5G in Cambodia would be for greater humanitarian impact to improve healthcare, education and security for all and help drive the future of a strong Cambodian economy.

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