Cellcard among the top 10% most improved of the world’s 274 telecom operators -- received Opensignal’s Global Rising Star Award for Most Improved year-on-year Download Speed Experience. | Cellcard

Cellcard among the top 10% most improved of the world’s 274 telecom operators — received Opensignal’s Global Rising Star Award for Most Improved year-on-year Download Speed Experience.

Published Date: March, Friday 17, 2023

After celebrating its 25th anniversary, the only Cambodian-owned, single-market telecom operator, Cellcard of the Royal Group of Companies, makes history by achieving a place in the Global Rising Star Awards 2023 by world-renowned independent analytics company, Opensignal.

The Global Rising Star Awards 2023 look into the Top 30 operators around the world on which users have seen the greatest percentage improvement in mobile network experience in the last year, celebrating operators that have made rapid progress in improving the experience of their users in a short period of time.

Out of the Global Rising Star Awards 2023 for Download Speed Experience – Most Improved Year-on-Year, Cellcard is within the top 30 operators, with an average overall download speed increase of 51.4% between H2 2021 and H2 2022. Among the Top 30 companies, only 12 Global Rising Stars are awarded within the Asia Pacific region, of which Cellcard was one of them. With its 51.4% improvement score, Cellcard has shown a higher percentage increase in download speed than Hot Mobile – Israel, Cellcom – Israel, Ufone- Pakistan, Claro – Puerto Rico, Zong – Pakistan, Pelephone – Israel , Chunghwa – Taiwan and Telemach – Croatia.
The Opensignal Rising Star 2023 Award win marks the first time that Cellcard receives a Global Mobile Network Experience Awards citation for Download Speed Experience from Opensignal and is attributed to the brand’s re-energised initiatives towards enhancing network performance.

“We are very excited to receive this award for Cellcard. It’s one thing to receive a national citation, and quite another to be pitted against operators around the world and be able to, not only hold our own, but be counted within the Top 30 most improved. To be listed in the Opensignal Global Rising Star 2023 Awards for Download Speed Experience improvement with some of the biggest global operators like T-Mobile – Puerto Rico, Cellcom – Israel, Maxis – Malaysia, STC – Bahrain, among others, is an impressive achievement, which could not have been possible without our partnership with Huawei and the hard work of our in-house engineering rock stars. We are delighted to be counted among these 30 operators and having this most prestigious accolade as part of Cellcard’s roster of awards.” — Simon Perkins, CEO Cellcard.

Comprising the network achievements of Cellcard over the past year are several software and infrastructure enhancements, including additional sites in 10 provinces, IBS and Microcells solutions to fill in coverage gaps in Phnom Penh’s residential areas and “Boreys”, full network software upgrade, VoLTE activation, full Carrier Aggregation activation in 16 provinces.

Cellcard now has over 40 awards and accolades since its aggressive 4G network roll out in 2017, celebrating achievements in network, product innovation, marketing campaigns, and corporate practices. The Opensignal Global Rising Star Award for Download Speed sits as one of its most prestigious yet, cementing Cellcard’s place as, not only Cambodia’s most-awarded network, but as a global contender for telecom performance and quality.

For more information about the Opensignal Global Mobile Network Experience Awards, please visit: https://www.opensignal.com/reports/2023/02/global-state-of-the-mobile-network-experience-awards

Opensignal Awards – Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2023, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period July 1 – December 27, 2021 & 2022 © 2023 Opensignal Limited.

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