Published Date: July, Wednesday 06, 2016

Language program by youth association and Cellcard promises an unconventional mix of activities

Phnom Penh, May 10: The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Cambodia and Cellcard are giving Khmer youth the opportunity to enhance their mastery of English, but not in the tired, tried manner most language students have come to expect.

Instead, the 2nd IYF Cambodia English Camp will teach the language in a fun, exciting manner using a variety of activities and tools. These include teacher-student interaction via dancing, first aid and cooking sessions, activity booths focusing on real-life situations, “Mind Lectures” by spiritual leaders, scavenger hunts, contests, songs, games and individual and group study activities.

“Cellcard is proud to sponsor the IYF camp and is with the camp’s vision of improving English proficiency among Khmer youth. With improved English skills, more Cambodians will be able to explore, navigate and contribute to industries that are shaping their future such technology, science, telecommunications, IT and digital.” said Cellcard CEO Ian Watson.

The four-day program will be at theIYF Center from May 12-14 starts from 8am to 5pm. Registration is $10 with lunch provided. For more information, email hi@iyfcam.com or call 089 800 914/085 770 770.

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