Published Date: July, Wednesday 06, 2016

Camp by youth organization and Cellcard highlights knowledge exchange, leadership and community building

Sihanoukville, May 16: Khmer youth nationwide are in for a fun but educational experience when the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) 2016 Youth Camp kicks-off here from May 16-18.

Proudly sponsored by Cellcard, the camp at the Chhne Chulsa hotel focuses on facilitating an exchange of knowledge between participants and trainers as well as inculcating positive values that include community building, teamwork and leadership.

In line with this, the three-day event will feature activities that include “Mind Lectures” by spiritual leaders, an IYF Academic Training session by experienced professionals, fellowship activities and cultural and musical performances.

“As technology brings the world closer, and makes access to unlimited information possible, it is important to instill the youth with a strong foundation and set of values to distill information and use information to make positive change. The role of the youth camp is to tighten the youth community with the exchange of knowledge, opinions and insights, as well as provide sessions that will help them develop critical thinking, all of which help them to navigate and utilize, not only technology, but other resources around them in a positive way with a sense of consideration for peers and the community. Cellcard proudly supports this initiative and we hope that many of the youth would be able to take advantage and participate in this event.” said Cellcard CEO Ian Watson.

IYF is a global organization that aims to develop youth to lead the next generation. The NGO, which has had a presence in Cambodia since 2001, has 80 offices worldwide.


The IYF Youth Camp commences from 8am and ends at 5pm. Registration is $5 with lunch provided. For more information, call 092 569 588 / 0 92 895 003.

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