Cellcard Offices turn into device hubs with latest LG devices on offer at special deals. | Cellcard

Cellcard Offices turn into device hubs with latest LG devices on offer at special deals.

Published Date: May, Monday 02, 2016

LG signs agreement with Cellcard providing device display and experience kiosk at Cellcard offices, together with exclusive bundles to Cellcard’s subscribers.

The agreement will enable Cellcard offices to showcase, distribute and sell some of LG’s latest smartphones, which includes all flagship models such as LG G4; LG AKA; LG G3 Stylus; LG L BELLO; LG F70; LG LEON.

The project which is led by Mr. Laszlo Barta, Cellcard’s Chief Commercial Officer, says roll out of the project starts with the Cellcard head office, and will soon be followed by other offices in Phnom Penh as the 1st phase.

“This project is meant to provide our customers with a more holistic experience when they come to our offices. The idea is a one-stop-shop where our customers can get the latest handsets at a bargain, get a Cellcard SIM, a Cellcard plan and have it all set-up by our customer service team while they wait.” –Mr. Laszlo Barta, Chief Commercial Officer, Cellcard

All LG devices available at Cellcard stores come with a special deal, exclusive to Cellcard subscribers. Some of the handset deals will include, handset discounts, free Cellcard plans, and/or free accessories, which will not be available at other LG outlets.

LG is also looking to launch new devices together with Cellcard with special introductory offers only available within Cellcard stores.


“Cellcard, as the most trusted operator in Cambodia, is a fitting partner to the LG brand. The agreement will see us working closely together not only in the area of selling devices but as well as introducing our new and upcoming devices to the market, and developing promotional offers and activities that are mutually beneficial. I look forward to the cooperation and its positive outcomes to the brands and our customers.” Mr. Hor Hab, Vice President, LG

LG devices are now available at the Cellcard Head Office at Sihanouk Blvd. Other offices to carry LG soon.

Customers who visit the Cellcard Head Office can enjoy the following deals from today onwards.