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How to activate Prepaid Roaming:

  •  To activate dial #8910#  (Free of charge)
  • To deactivate dial #8910#0# (Free of charge)

How to make calls while roaming:

[+][Country code & Phone Number]


  •  Call back to Cambodia: +85512812812
  • Call to Thailand: +6626474491
  • Incoming and outgoing call charges will vary from country to country. As low as $1.2 for outgoing local calls and as low as $0.005/kb for data for prepaid. For postpaid, please refer to preferred network partner listing.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls using call-back service will be charged at $2.50/min.

Terms and Conditions for Postpaid Roaming:

  • 1minute pulse charge for Voice Call (Outgoing Local, International, Back Home, and Incoming Call)
  • 100 KB pulse charge for Data while roaming in Zone Happy Roam 500R and 1000R.
  • 10 KB pulse charge for Data while roaming in Zone 1 to Zone 4.
  • Rate is inclusive of VAT.


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