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With Cellcard’s Happy Roaming, you can share your travel experiences back home even more. Make more calls, update status or sharing pictures on your social media at a very low cost, starting from 500 riels/min, SMS, and MB from your Cellcard number.

Country Roaming partner Network Display Rate
Thailand DTAC dtac, TriNet, and 52005 Zone 500 Riels/Min/MB
Thailand Real Future 52000, TH3G+, TR, and UE3G+ Zone 500 Riels/Min/MB
Malaysia DiGi DiGi, DiGi 1800, and MYMT18 Zone 500 Riels/Min/MB
Myanmar Telenor Telenor Zone 500 Riels/Min/MB
Australia Optus Communications YES, OPTUS Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
Australia Telstra Telstra Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
Australia Vodafone Network Pty Ltd Vodafone AU, and 3 Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
India Bharti (Airtel) airtel Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
Laos ETL ETL, ETL Mobile, ETL Network Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
Netherlands Vodafone Vodafone NL Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
New Zealand Vodafone Vodafone Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
South Korea SK Telecom 450 05, SK Telecom, and KOR SK Telecom Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
USA AT&T 310410, AT&T Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
USA SprintNextel Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
USA Telna telna Mobile Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
USA T-Mobile T-Mobile Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
USA Verizon Verizon, Verizon Wireless Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB
Vietnam Vinaphone VN 02, 452 02 Zone 1000 Riels/Min/MB

To activate Roaming service: dial #8910#. It is free of charge.

How to select a network for roaming?

* iOS:

1. Go to setting.

2. Select Carrier

3. Set Data Roaming ON

4. Select Automatic OFF and choose network available for each package. 

(Please be aware that you can only use a network operator that Public has a roaming agreement with.)

* Android:

1. Go to Setting and Choose Connections.

2. Select Mobile Networks.

3. Select Data Roaming On

4.Select Network Operators.

 Select Search Networks and choose network available for each package.

(Please be aware that you can only use a network operator that Public has a roaming agreement with.)

To make calls or send SMS while roaming:

[+][Country code & Phone Number]

Example: Call or send SMS back to Cambodia: +85512812812

Call or send sms to Thailand: +6626474491

To top-up while roaming:

Option 1: *123*14 digit code# and press send.  Ex: *123*23345678345678#

Option 2: Simply ways online top-up via Cellcard App & Cellcard Website.

(Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, Union Pay, Wing, Alipay, Acleda, ABA Pay)

Option 3: Top up via Pin-less directed from Mobile Banking account

(Wing, wallet services banking apps)

To check balance: #823#



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