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If I use Social Pack size S, can I use the apps from Social Pack size M and L?

Each Social Pack is assigned with different and limited apps. Users can only use their assigned apps
from their bundle.

If I subscribe to different Social Pack Plans, which Social Pack Plan will be renewed automatically?

Validity will follow the longest one.

Can I upsize from a small size pack to a bigger size pack?

Yes, The smaller pack will roll-over unused bundle to the new plan and bundle will be accumulated to
one singlebucket.

If I am active on Social Pack but i have no plan bundle and zero main balance, can i still use Social Pack?

Data for the apps that have subscribed is covered inside the app. However, some functions/features
that come from external sources are not covered. In case of the user has no balance or other data bundle,
user cannot use functions/features that come from external sources

Can i stil use the apps even when i already unsubscribed?

In case user unsubscribes, the auto-renewal will be stopped, and the remaining bundle will be kept till


What happens when i unsubscribe and then resubscribe?

If the user re-subscribes to the same bundle or different bundle, the old bundle is wiped out.

Can i use those apps with my browser?

No. the bundle is covered for apps only.

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