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What is a dropped call?

A dropped call is when your call is suddenly cut due to some network interruption or disruption.

What is an on-net call? What is an off-net call?

On-net calls are calls made between two numbers who are both on the same network i.e. both caller and receiver are on a Cellcard number.

Off-net calls (which are also called cross-net calls) are calls made between two numbers from   different networks. i.e. the caller is calling a number that’s using another network.

I’ve switched to CellcardSIM and cant get anything to work. What to do?

Check your APN settings. Accessing a new network means configuring your phone to ‘see’ the network you want to use. Look for your APN settings on your phone and type in ’Cellcard’. If after you do this you still have difficulties, please call our hotline  on 012812812 or 812, and let us help you.

How do I access the Cellcard 4G network?

First of all make sure that your smartphone is 4G capable. You can check some affordable options in the device section of the Cellcardwebsite. If your phone is 4G capable, make sure to turn on 4G in the phone settings. That’s it! To know if your area is covered by the 4G network, Click Here

How do I check my balance and subscriptions?

Checking everything you have in your Cellcard account is easy with the Cellcard app. You can download it for free from Apple store or the Google Play store. With the app in hand you can also subscribe or renew subscriptions with a press of a button. No need to memorize shortcodes. Alternatively you can also use USSD to check your balance by dialing #124# or call the Cellcard hotline to check on your subscriptions.

How do I manage my data consumption?

One of the best ways to save on data is to make sure that only the apps you are using have their data setting turned on. Remember all apps consume data to do updates on the background. So you’ll save data if your turn off apps you don’t regularly use. Simply find the data settings on your phone and choose the apps to turn on or off at any time. Another way of managing data consumption is to know the resolution of the videos you watch. The bigger the resolution the more data it consumers.

What is auto renew and why does it eat my top-up immediately?

Auto renew is a plan setting where the system automatically renews your subscription as soon as they expire so that you wouldn’t have to do it manually by yourself. This is helpful to those who are too busy to worry about their subscription and wants to just be connected all the time. If your subscription is on auto renew, the system will automatically deduct money from your main balance to buy new subscriptions for those that have already expired. This is why you notice that when you top up there’s an immediate deduction. It must be your plans that are on auto renew. To find out which plans are on auto renew or to remove auto renew, please call the Cellcard hotline on 012812812 or 812. You can also download the free Cellcard app from the Apple store or Google Play Store.

What is one-way and two-way barring?

One way barring is a SIM card is not allowed to make outgoing calls, but it can still receive incoming calls. Two way barring is when the SIM card cannot make or receive calls.

What is the difference between main balance and bonus balance?

The main balance is where the top-up money goes. The Bonus Balance is where the “free” (or unpaid) services are deposited.