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With Cellcard eSIM service, how many Cellcard numbers can be registered under one device?

You can have up to 8 eSIM profiles.

What should I do if my phone is lost or broken?

Call the Cellcard Customer Care to block the number, then come to any Cellcard store near you to request for a new QR Code for the same number.

Do I need to delete my eSIM profile prior to sending my device for servicing/ replacement?

It is recommended to delete all profiles before sending the device for servicing. You can re-download your profiles later.

Can I use my existing Cellcard profile on another eSIM device?

Yes, you can re-download the same profile on another device. Remove the eSIM from the previous device first.

After, scan the QR code (Voucher provided by Cellcard) to re-download the profile on the new device.

Could I replace Cellcard eSIM profile with another eSIM provider’s profile?

Yes, you can decide to delete/ enable any existing profile, download another profile, or add profiles in your eSIM.