About Osja | Cellcard

Who is eligible for this promotion?

This promotion is available for all Cellcard customers who subscribe Osja $1=$30 together with the new or renew plan.

Does this promotion apply to both auto and non-auto renewal?

Yes it is applies to both auto and non-auto Osja $1 = $30

What is the difference between auto and non-auto renewal?

This only applies to Osja $1=$30. Choosing auto renewal for your Osja plan means that after your Osja plan expires, Cellcard will automatically re-subscribe to a new Osja plan for you. This saves you the hassle of redialing subscription short codes every time. Choosing non-auto renewal means that you are subscribing to a plan only one time. After your plan expires, Cellcard will not renew your plan for you. You will have to re-subscribe manually.

What is the validity of the Osja 10c = $2.5 benefit?

Osja 10c = $2.5 is valid only until 23:59:59 every day. Your unused benefit will be wiped out at midnight

Can I subscribe to Osja 10c = $2.5 more than once per day?

You can subscribe up to 2 times per day. That means you can only turn 10c to $2.50 two times per day.

Can I subscribe to Osja $1 = $30 more than one time within the same week?

Yes. You can.