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Entertainment and music from years gone by have a unique appeal and is good way to, not only pay tribute to the big stars of yesteryears, but also to celebrate Khmer history and culture. Our Khmer Traditional Music service collates all the well loved music and entertainment from the past to ensure that they are not lost and are easily accessible to everyone.  It includes:

  • Khmer Heritage Music
  • Japey
  • Ayeiy and Basak
  • Wedding songs
  • Mohory and Yike

Subscription is free for the first week and includes unlimited access to listen to all the content available. After that, the service is available for only 1000 riel/ week.

TO SUBSCRIBE: Dial 9191 then press 1

TO UNSUBSCRIBE: Dial 9191 then press #

TO SEND MUSIC TO A FRIEND: Dial 9191 and while listening Press 5

TO SAVE MUSIC ON YOUR PERSONAL PLAYLIST: Dial 9191 and while listening Press #

TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC AS YOUR CALLTUNE: Dial 9191 and while listening Press *


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