Cellcard Kbach Arts Competition 2020 | Cellcard

Cellcard is proud to bring to the National Annual Kbach Arts Competition for the first time a Digital Arts Category. The 3rd annual competition is now open with THREE categories:

Digital arts can be any form of artwork submitted in soft copy. The category will give far greater access for local talents right across the Kingdom to compete in the competition and actively participate in the Cambodian Arts Scene.

For inspiration check out this link which details some very dynamic digital art forms.

Cellcard hopes that the category will inspire the tech savvy digital generation to explore and discover new ways to hone their creative talent and shape their future careers.

To gives more support to artists this year, Cellcard and Kbach Arts will also host a special webinar series with top Cambodian and international artists. These schedules will be published here. For the month of September, stay tuned to these webinars broadcasted live on Cellcard’s Facebook Page.

To register for the National Annual Kbach Arts Competition, fill and submit a completed application form. You can find these forms here! 

The competition closes on November 30, 2020.

Finalists will be announced on December 1, 2020 with the winners revealed at the competition finale being held in mid-December.

Stay tuned to Kbach Arts and Cellcard Facebook pages as we follow the competition.