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Cellcards donation drive to support Khmer Smart Keyboard collects $1,886.

A Cellcard crowdsourcing initiative to support a true Cambodian innovation and the young entrepreneurs behind Alien Dev’s Khmer Smart Keyboard App ends with a successful turn over of $1,886. The turn over, officiated by Cellcard’s Director of Marketing, Neik Van Veen, was held at the Cellcard Head Office in Sihanouk on the 8th of July, 3pm. The donation is made on behalf of Cellcard and it’s subscribers, and will...

Cellcard 4G Device Festival offers everything 4G

Phnom Penh, January 29: In an effort to encourage more Cambodians to discover the speed and convenience that a quality 4G experience offers, Cellcard has partnered with six leading phone manufacturers to organize the nation’s first 4G Festival. The “4G Device Festival”, which kicks-off from January 29-31 here, has the telco teaming up with Oppo, Microsoft, LG, Polaris, Meizu and Blackview/Xiaomi to offer consumers...

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