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SMS advertisement is one of effective Cellcard’s services that allows Small and Medium Enterprise to promote its products and services through targeted SMS to Cellcard’s profile-based subscribers.

Our offer and price

These are profile-based selection criteria:

  • ARPU – Average Revenue Per Subscriber
  • Location – Province
  • Device (Functional Phone or Smart Phone)
  • Khmer Unicode Support
  • Used to Travel Abroad (Roaming)
  • Used to Make International Call
  • Heavy Data User (Usage more than 3G per month)
  • Heavy Voice Call User (Usage more than 500minutes per month)
Quantity SMS Basic Plan

(2 criteria)

Add 1 more criterion #Schedule Validity


Minimum Invoice
Less than 50K 5c +1c 3 45 200 USD
50K or more 4c +1c 5 90 Depends on Qty

Terms & conditions:

  • Price is inclusive of 10% VAT.
  • Cellcard has the right to keep the subscribers’ profile confidential and undisclosed.


If you are interested in SMS advertisement, please contact 012 999 712

Try this low-cost service to promote your product and/or services!