I Know I Know

Easy to Play, Easy to Win! Win a Honda Zoomer-X 2017 and iPhone 7 every week from I Know I Know. Subscribe to our unlimited plan for only 1000 Riel per week.

To join: Call 8686


Rank Giveaway Prizes # of Winner (Weekly)
1st Prize Honda Zoomer-X 2017 1
2nd Prize iPhone 7 (32GB) 1
3rd Prize Airtime (Main Balance) = $1 315 winners
Airtime (Main Balance) = $2 140 winners
Airtime (Main Balance) = $3 35 winners
Total Number of winner per week = 492 winners

***Note:  3rd Prize winners will receive the prize via iLoad.


  1. Lucky Draw Schedule:


Week Start Date End Date Drawing Date
1 Tue, 03/Jan/2017 Mon, 09/Jan/2017 Tue, 10/Jan/2017
2 Tue, 10/Jan/2017 Mon, 16/Jan/2017 Tue, 17/Jan/2017
3 Tue, 17/Jan/2017 Mon, 23/Jan/2017 Tue, 24/Jan/2017
4 Tue, 24/Jan/2017 Mon, 30/Jan/2017 Tue, 31/Jan/2017
5 Tue, 31/Jan/2017 Mon, 06/Feb/2017 Tue, 07/Feb/2017
6 Tue, 07/Feb/2017 Mon, 13/Feb/2017 Tue, 14/Feb/2017
7 Tue, 14/Feb/2017 Mon, 20/Feb/2017 Tue, 21/Feb/2017
8 Tue, 21/Feb/2017 Mon, 27/Feb/2017 Tue, 28/Feb/2017
9 Tue, 28/Feb/2017 Mon, 06/Mar/2017 Tue, 07/Mar/2017
10 Tue, 07/Mar/2017 Mon, 13/Mar/2017 Tue, 14/Mar/2017
11 Tue, 14/Mar/2017 Mon, 20/Mar/2017 Tue, 21/Mar/2017
12 Tue, 21/Mar/2017 Mon, 27/Mar/2017 Tue, 28/Mar/2017
13 Tue, 28/Mar/2017 Mon, 03/Apr/2017 Tue, 04/Apr/2017
14 Tue, 04/Apr/2017 Mon, 10/Apr/2017 Tue, 11/Apr/2017
15 Tue, 11/Apr/2017 Mon, 17/Apr/2017 Tue, 18/Apr/2017
16 Tue, 18/Apr/2017 Mon, 24/Apr/2017 Tue, 25/Apr/2017
17 Tue, 25/Apr/2017 Mon, 01/May/2017 Tue, 02/May/2017
18 Tue, 02/May/2017 Mon, 08/May/2017 Tue, 09/May/2017
19 Tue, 09/May/2017 Mon, 15/May/2017 Tue, 16/May/2017
20 Tue, 16/May/2017 Mon, 22/May/2017 Tue, 23/May/2017
21 Tue, 23/May/2017 Mon, 29/May/2017 Tue, 30/May/2017
22 Tue, 30/May/2017 Mon, 05/Jun/2017 Tue, 06/Jun/2017
23 Tue, 06/Jun/2017 Mon, 12/Jun/2017 Tue, 13/Jun/2017
24 Tue, 13/Jun/2017 Mon, 19/Jun/2017 Tue, 20/Jun/2017
25 Tue, 20/Jun/2017 Mon, 26/Jun/2017 Tue, 27/Jun/2017
26 Tue, 27/Jun/2017 Mon, 03/Jul/2017 Tue, 04/Jul/2017

*** If the raffle drawing winner falls on Public Holiday, It will be moved to the next day.

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