Fish-a-Motor | Cellcard


You won’t look at fishing the same way after you fish with Cellcard.

Every day, get a raffle entry to the daily ‘Fish-A-Motor’ and catch a surprise!

​​​We’re giving away 108 YAMAHA QBIX 2019 motorbikes! 2 motorbikes per week!

Start fishing today!

Dial #9997# or call 9997 to get 1 raffle coupon every day to join the daily raffle.

Only 300 riels/day!

The more you join, the more chance you can win.


  • After, claiming your first raffle coupon, Fish-a-Motor will automatically give you 1 raffle coupon daily with charge 300 riels / day
  • Additional coupons for the daily draw will be charged an additional 300 riels / coupon
  • Raffle draw will done by system every Wednesday @16:00-17:00
  • Winners of  motorbike will receive notification from 012812812 OR 095 999068
  • Top-up cards winners will receive top-up on their phone automatically.
  • To unsubscribe this services dial #9997#0#.


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