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Tamjet fits all your needs

Cellcard monthly plans for professionals who need full and worry free connectivity for work and family, combined with international calls inclusions and minute sharing feature.


Data:600 MB
Validity:7 Days
Minute Sharing members:N/A
All-net & VoIP mins:15 mins


Data:3000 MB
Validity:30 days
Minute Sharing members:1
All-net & VoIP mins:75 mins


Data:4000 MB
Validity:30 Days
Minute Sharing members:2
All-net & VoIP mins:200 mins
  • Please note, this offer is set on auto-renewal to ensure you have uninterrupted enjoyment of the service. Your subscription will be automatically deducted from your main balance. Auto-renewal of each Tam Jet bundle based on its subscription validity.If you don’t have enough credit when your subscription is due, it will be deducted from your main balance when you top up sufficient funds.
    • After dialing the subscription short code of your preferred plan, you will be prompted to choose auto or non-auto.
    • Press [1] for auto, and [2] for non-auto :
    • For auto renewal, add [1#] after the subscription short code.         Ex. #8080##8080#15#1#
    •  For non auto renewal, add [2#] after the subscription short code.    Ex. To switch auto renewal on or off: Dial #8080##8080#15#2#

For sharing minutes


  • All TamJet subscribers get exclusive hotline service :Cellcard TamJet Assist is an 24/7 exclusive hotline (817) for all your inquiries and special requests. Whether you’re looking for directory assistance, assistance in booking movie tickets, or others
  • An active main balance is required to enjoy TamJet benefits.
  • Services used outside bundle or after bundle expiration date will be charged at regular rates.
  • All calls in the bundle will be charged on 60-seconds charging blocks.
  • On-net SMS using from TamJet bundle will be charged 6 cents/SMS.
  • Data will be charged on 1MB charging blocks
  • For Minute Sharing feature: Editing your minute sharing member list is free until you reach your maximum minute sharing member allowance. After that, any change will be charged at 5c/time
  • When you downgrade to a lower TamJet profile, you will need to re-assign your sharing members since the previous ones will be deleted, if any.


Who are eligible to be my TamJet minute sharing members?

All prepaid Cellcard subscribers can be your minute sharing members (except WLL).

Can I be a minute sharing member if I am a TamJet subscriber?

No, TamJet subscribers cannot be minute sharing member of another TamJet subscriber

Can one person get minutes from multiple TamJet subscribers?

No, Minute sharing members can only be included in one TamJet subscriber’s minute sharing list. This means they can only share minutes from one TamJet subscriber at a time.

What is the difference between auto and non-auto renewal?

Choosing auto renewal for your TamJet plan means that after your TamJet plan expires, Cellcard will automatically re-subscribe to a new TamJet plan for you. This saves you the hassle of redialing subscription short codes every time. Choosing non-auto renewal means that you are subscribing to a plan only one time. After your plan expires, Cellcard will not renew your plan for you. You will have to re-subscribe manually.



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