Big Big Love SIM - $1=$250 WITH $1650 BONUS

There’s nothing more perfect than getting free data and getting exclusive access to one of the biggest sporting events of the year.
With our BIG BIG LOVE SIM offer, we’re welcoming our new subscribers in a big way with the winning combination of the biggest value offer for data and free mobile stream access to the Premier League matches.
Here’s what you get when you join Cellcard through our BIG BIG LOVE SIM!

Ready for football season?

Get the perfect match of BIG BIG LOVE $1,650 Bonus + free mobile stream access to the Premier League matches.See the Premier League mobile stream match schedule here!

Get your BIG BIG LOVE SIM today from a Cellcard store or dealer near you.


  • Your top up validity is based on the amount of your last top up. However, if your previous top up validity is longer than that of your last top up, it will follow the longer one.
  • To check the status and validity of your top up, dial *1201# or go into the Cellcard App.
  • Cellcard reserves the right to withdraw the phone number and SIM card and to close the account of any subscriber who fails to top up their number within 90 consecutive days of the expiry of their top up validity. After the top up validity expires:
    • The phone number’s outgoing services will be blocked for 60 days.
    • If you top-up during first 30days of your account expiration your unused Main Balance will be rollover, if failed this condition any remaining main balance will be cleared.
    • If there is no top up within the 60 days, the phone number’s incoming and outgoing services will be blocked for 30 days.
    • If there is no top up more than 90 days since the expiry of the top up validity, the phone number will be recycled and made available to other subscribers.

• Only new SIM purchasers are entitled to receive the BIG BIG LOVE bonus.
• BIG BIG LOVE $250 can be used for On-Net calls, SMS & internet valid for 7 days.
• BIG BIG LOVE $1,500 bonus can be used for On-Net calls, SMS & internet valid for 3
months. This bonus is deposited to your Cellcard account in increments of $500/ month
or $125/ week.
• Cellcard App $150 bonus is equivalent to 2GB valid for 3 months

• To subscribe, press *898*100#


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