Big Big Love SIM - $1=$250 WITH $1650 BONUS

BIG BIG LOVE $1=$250 with $1650 Bonus

There are some things we miss doing in the new normal we live in.
But that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love!

We’re offering the biggest value ever with the winning combination of our BIG BIG LOVE offer + Pouk Mak chat app so you can keep doing what you love doing,
whether its chatting with friends, spending time with family, watching movies, taking classes, or keeping up with work. Do it all with BIG BIG LOVE and Pouk Mak chat app.

With every purchase of a new Cellcard SIM, get the BIG BIG LOVE $1=$250. It comes with an amazing $1,500 bonus valid for 3 months. Pair it with free Pouk Mak Chat App and get an extra $150 for 3 months.

With this winning combo, you get $1=$250 + $1,650 BONUS for more calls, more texts, more internet than ever before!
Call everyone and talk longer
Text more, text all-day
Stay online to do more Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, online shopping, learning, movies, music, group chat, video calls, watch parties and more.


Find out more about Pouk Mak chat app – Cambodia’s own chat app!

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