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Pouk Mak reveal! Cambodia’s first local Chat App – with love from Cellcard

Published Date: February, Monday 15, 2021

In a landmark event on the night of Valentine’s Day, Cellcard has revealed Cambodia’s own Khmer Chat App called Pouk Mak.

Pouk Mak (meaning friend) is being rolled out globally on IOS and Android App stores overnight released ready for everyone everywhere in Cambodia to download tomorrow for chatting, video and voice calling, file sharing and more.

Special features include group chat, multiple news feeds and fun unique stickers – all with full encryption security and data storage in Cambodia.

The free App service was revealed in full celebration style at the Cellcard Head office in Phnom Penh with a live cross-over to Siem Reap for a special release of 5000 lanterns to mark the event.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said Pouk Mak was on par with the big global messaging apps but was unique as Cambodians can chat in their own language Khmer and have the surety that the data is safe and not shared outside of the Kingdom.

“Cellcard and Royal Group take seriously our role in leading the digitalisation of Cambodia and to ensuring everyone everywhere has access to the latest technology and innovations to help them communicate and stay connected in their daily lives,” Mr Watson said.

“With Pouk Mak we are truly driving digital literacy and capacity across every province and every commune for people of all ages from the young to the old, giving them the ability to use fast, cost-effective means of communication in their own language,” he said.


“Messaging Apps and Social Media platforms still today don’t fully support Khmer language and as the only 100% Cambodian owned mobile companies, Cellcard is truly proud to provide this service.

“Everything about this App is Cambodian from its name to its language features and the fact that a Khmer company owns, develops and manages the service as well as safeguards the data.”

As with all of Cellcard’s products and services, the Pouk Mak proposition comes with a strong element of giving back to the community with 2GB of free data free each month to all Cellcard customers using the App.

“While we have launched Pouk Mak for everyone in Cambodia, we wanted to give extra benefit to our Cellcard customers,” Mr Watson said.

“This free data will be a major help for customers as they get used to using internet and social platforms more and more in their daily lives.

“Under the guidance of our Chairman, Neak Oknha Kith Meng, Pouk Mak will help us to boldly lead the move away from traditional voice and SMS for people to enjoy free calls and chats no matter which SIM card they are on.”

Mr Watson added that using platforms and Apps such as Pouk Mak was integral to Cellcard’s strategy to create and cater to everyone’s digital lifestyles as the nation prepares for the Next Industrial Revolution.

“We need to ensure Cambodia is not left behind and is a shining light in the region for innovation and digital literacy and capacity is the foundation of that.

“What better day of the year to launch the service than on Valentine’s Day to reinforce our commitment to the nation as the steadfast operator who will stand by its customers, and the nation through good times and through bad. Cellcard is here.”

At the end of each week of usage, Cellcard customers using Pouk Mak will receive a FREE bonus of 500MB as long as they make a voice or video call.

For those in Phnom Penh, Cellcard SIM cards can be purchased easily on home delivery Apps including Wing Mall, NAHM 24, Food Panda and Smile Shop.

Pouk Mak will be available from Monday on both IOS and Android play stores (15 Feb) followed by a full programme of events to share with families, students and small businesses.

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