The Newest Group Sensation, POLARIX, Cellcard’s Fresh New Ambassadors | Cellcard

The Newest Group Sensation, POLARIX, Cellcard’s Fresh New Ambassadors

Published Date: July, Friday 21, 2017

With a number of collaborations over the past few months, it should not come as a surprise that the Polarix and Cellcard would make it official and enter into a partnership. Cellcard’s Pledge video, which set the stage for Cellcard’s new focus towards the youth segment, can be considered as the group’s public debut. Ever since then, Cellcard and Polarix hit it off with Cellcard on-ground events, quite a number of them, barely missing an opportunity to include a performance from the group, especially for their #LightUpKH initiatives.

“We really like working with Juvie Lin and the Crew. They are really talented and our audiences love them. Their level of commitment towards their craft is admirable and working with them comes easy and naturally for us. They’re very professional but at the same time down-to-earth and we love that about them. Their funky, fresh character makes them a perfect and welcome addition to the Cellcard family of ambassadors.– Cheryl Gray Brand Director Cellcard.

“We BIG LOVE working with Cellcard. They keep it fun and interesting and give us a lot of exposure that’s helpful in building our careers,” Juvie Lin said.

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