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Cellcard launches new Osja X-change with Super 4G network

Published Date: January, Friday 20, 2017

20 January 2017

Cellcard today announced the new Osja X-change offer along with Super 4G – the biggest and fastest data network in the country.

Osja X-change is Cambodia’s best value telecom offer enabling customers to exchange $1 USD for $100 USD of value in voice and data, and an additional bonus of 30 minutes of voice calls every day. The offer also comes with a longer validity of 14 days.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer, Ian Watson, said the launch was a market leader in both value for customers and connectivity speed and coverage.

“We have spent the past year building our network to become the biggest and fastest in the country with more than 2750 towers across Cambodia.

“Osja X-change goes hand-in-hand with Super 4G giving customers immediate access to the new network for the best voice and data experience possible.

“As one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, Cambodia needs to keep abreast of the digital age and that means data connectivity for all.

Cellcard partnered with Nokia to deliver an additional 1500 Super Fast 4G data sites nationwide to cover all major cities and districts in Cambodia.

Mr. Harald Preiss, Head of Asia North at Nokia, said: “We are pleased to be working closely with Cellcard for its 20th anniversary memorial project.

“This is our first 4G LTE deployment in Cambodia, and it will enable Cellcard to provide the best mobile broadband service for an improved customer experience, expand the network into rural areas and provide more and more Cambodians with mobile broadband connectivity.”

The announcement times with Cellcard’s 20th anniversary since launching in Cambodia as CamGSM in 1997.

“During the past 20 years of Cambodia’s growth and achievement, Cellcard has been there supporting the people and businesses with technological advancement,” Mr Watson said.

“Today’s announcement is the next step in that journey as we embrace future digitisation of both community and economy.”


About Osja X-change:

Osja X-change is available to any pre-paid customer of Cellcard

  • Customers can subscribe by dialing #168#100# (Customers can choose to opt in on a recurring or non-recurring basis)
  • The $1 USD is deducted automatically from the customer’s balance
  • Customers can then use voice or data up to the value of $100 USD
  • An additional 30 minutes of voice calls also provided on a daily basis (Unused free voice minutes are not carried over to the following day)
  • Validity is for 14 days


For further information contact: Christine Arce-Cabrera, Head of Brand Communications
M: +855 17 602 369 | E: christine.cabrera@cellcard.com.kh