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Cellcard teams up with Cake Experiential Communications Asia to raise the bar in digital entertainment in Cambodia

Published Date: September, Friday 08, 2017

A press conference launches the first ever Cambodian digital reality show, Cambodian Net Idol, a 9-episode, weekly, online reality show series set to search for and hone the skills of the next generation of social influencers and internet stars.

The initiative acknowledges the growing utilisation and power of digital as a communications medium in the Kingdom, as more companies flock to the the internet for product awareness and endorsements. And while the Cambodian digital landscape is flourishing, upskilling Key Opinion Leaders in this space may unlock and fast track its potential.

Andy Ong, CEO of Cake Experiential Cambodia says “Net Idols have become an integral aspect to 21st century marketing tactics, with the world’s leading brands and marketers utilising them as a means to connect to their desired consumer base. The game is changing. Net Idols are the new face of marketing as they lend much needed authenticity and relatability to the brands that they share with their fans and friends.”

“As we move towards a more digital way of communicating, connecting, and doing business, it is important to ensure that the people who consumers trust online are equipped with the skills to disseminate information clearly, creatively and effectively” Ian Watson, Cellcard’s CEO adds.

Considered as the first of its kind, and the biggest search for Cambodia’s next internet stars, the show will select 10 of the most promising influencers in Cambodia and put them through a series of challenges to determine who deserves the the title of “First Cambodian Net Idol”. The winner and place-getters will share in a prize pool of 35K worth of prizes.

With weekly episodes and challenges hosted by MC Sarita Reth, and the participation of three  popular social influencers to date, ZK ; facebook name Frost ZK Britannia, Rolin; facebook name Rolin Miss PhotoCIty, and Cath; facebook name A Dose of Cath as the show’s judges, the series promises to excite viewers everywhere. Fans of the show will also hold the power to enable their favourite contestants to move on to the next stage by following their journey on social media, and supporting them via online voting sessions after every weekly episode.

The show will be entirely hosted and broadcast on Cellcard’s Facebook Page, with public voting done through an embedded Facebook App. From Sept 7th, applications are being accepted to determine who would fill the 10 limited Idol spots.

“Getting involved in Cambodian Net Idol is our way of promoting and supporting upcoming Cambodian talent. We want to be the ones to pioneer a platform for our Net Idols to showcase their talent and abilities by giving them the much needed support to develop themselves. And being a digital initiative, we are very happy to be partnering with Cellcard who’s network has been recognized and awarded three times over for its speed and reliability.” Andy Ong says.

To audition, interested participants need to do the following:

  • take a 1 minute video of themselves explaining and showing why they deserve a spot in the show.
  • Post the video on they FB page and tag Cambodian Net Idol FB and add the hashtag #NetidolKH.

NOTE: Remember to set your post to public so we can find it.

Auditions close on 22nd September 2017 23:59! Visit Cambodian Net Idol’s Facebook Page for more details.

Other sponsors of the show include Cellcard Finance, Wing, Mohaleap, Cambodian Broadcasting Services (CBS), I-Qlick and Canon.

About Cake Experiential Communications

“Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that little blue box in your hands. What do you feel? Now imagine a red box with gold lining. Feel different? If both are just diamond rings, why does one conjure up more to the imagination than the other?”

Masters of their industry, Cake Experiential Communications positioned themselves as a hybrid of creative, on-ground and event activation and digital agency that integrates the different fields of expertise together to deliver great branded experiences. Founded in 2008, the company has developing personalised brand experiences having won Silver for Best Exhibition Event and Bronze for Best Event for a Targeted Community for ‘2015 Brain Expo – Presented by Enfagrow A+’ at the Marketing Events Award 2015, which awards regional contenders for top event campaigns. The company now exists in both Malaysia and Cambodia, with plans on opening throughout the South-East Asian region.

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