Published Date: December, Wednesday 27, 2017

Phnom Penh, 26th Dec 2017 – Cellcard have found the top 3 Cambodian Net Idols, M. Megamind crowned Cambodia’s First Net Idol, with Bun Leng and Rainiedara coming in as runner-ups. The series was aired on Cellcard’s Facebook page – Cambodia’s leading corporate Facebook page. After Party event is the celebration for this success, hosted by Cellcard at Popea pub starting from 6pm till 9pm. Participation included all contestants and their friends, Cake Experiential Communications team and judges, Cellcard team and Cellcard Facebook fans, and press media.

“Cake has been a great partner to work with on this very first exploration into the appetite for online influencers in Cambodia.

We are very happy with the results and campaigns such as these give us insight to guide our future online strategies” – Ian Watson, CEO of Cellcard

As the Net Idol judges Rollin, ZK and Cath took their seats for one last time, Host Sarita could only make one dream come true, as the 4 remaining contestants make history live on stage. The Executive Producer of Cambodian Net Idol who is also a mentor to all of the Idols, Natalie Saw expressed that she was pleased to see how far each and everyone of them has come and the journey has really been an emotional one as she has also gotten close to all of the Idols. “There is so much talent and passion here in the influencers here in Cambodia, and I want to be able to help and guide them to express their full potential”, she added as she is also considered an influencer herself and has been doing so for more than 5 years.

Rainiedara, the explorer, Dalina the Angel, M. Megamind – The Star and the multi talented Bun Leng joined our host Sarita on stage for one last time. Before the elimination, Cellcard kicked off the finale with a brief recap over the Idols’ journey over the last 8 weeks, showcasing the highs and lows that they had to overcome to secure their spot as the Top 4 on stage today. The first of its kind Internet Influencer Reality Show has come to show influencers and brands alike how powerful online influencers can be with the show reaching close to 7 million people from its ,first season alone. Dalina was eliminated in the first round, leaving the 3 boys moving in the Top 3.

During the show, fans were also given a look into the daily lives of our Top 3 Idols, where they were given a task to produce a 3 minute “A Day In Your Life” video. In the next stage, Idols had to answer a series of impromptu questions from Host Sarita, showcasing their knowledge and understanding of this social media world and the power of influencers. Before the show came to an end, the contestants showcased their talents on stage for one last time, pulling out all the stops to be Cambodia’s first Net Idol.

Wrapping up its first season, the Judges said that they are definitely hopeful to bring many more of Cambodia’s internet sensations to the next level and that Cambodian Net Idol is definitely here to stay to help Cambodia’s young rising stars reach their full potential.

If you have missed out on our previous episodes, head on over to Cellcard Facebook to follow Cambodia’s Net Idols weekly journey on or follow the hashtag #NetIdolKH.


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