IPification 1-Click Mobile Authentication Partners with Cellcard, Achieves Full-Market Coverage in Cambodia | Cellcard

IPification 1-Click Mobile Authentication Partners with Cellcard, Achieves Full-Market Coverage in Cambodia

Published Date: February, Wednesday 22, 2023

The leading mobile IP address-based authentication, user verification, and fraud prevention solutions provider, IPification, is partnering with Cellcard, one of the three largest mobile network operators in Cambodia. Mobile app developers whose users are Cellcard subscribers can now implement IPification into their apps to streamline their sign-in and sign-up processes. With this partnership, IPification has achieved full-market coverage in Cambodia.

Cambodia’s longest-serving mobile network operator, Cellcard prides itself on first-to-market innovations and outstanding services with the aim of providing the best possible customer experience.

Having IPification in its arsenal, Cellcard is enhancing the way users live, work and play, and cementing the company’s image as one of the biggest user-centric innovators in the region.

IPification authenticates users within milliseconds after only one click, verifying their identities against their unique mobile ID key consisting of their phone number, device, and network data. Its solutions help mobile app developers simplify and improve their account registration and user login experiences thus helping increase user acquisition, engagement, and retention rates while simultaneously ensuring bank-grad security and data privacy.

“As consumers rely more and more on mobile technology and devices, user authentication becomes of utmost importance in providing seamless connectivity. With the intent of not only enhancing our customers’ experience, but also assuring our customers’ security, we’re proud to have forged a partnership with a world-class authentication and identity solutions provider, IPificiation — and look forward to working with them in delivering a more streamlined digital experience to our subscribers,” said Simon Perkins, Cellcard CEO.

“I am excited to announce that IPification is now a partner of the great Cellcard,” said Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO. “We now have a full coverage of the market in Cambodia and hope to onboard a variety of mobile apps from different industries such as fintech, banking, ride-hailing and taxi apps, delivery apps, gaming apps, etc. Finally, I’d also love to thank Cellcard for their trust. Expect great things in 2023!”

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