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Cellcard joins CSR Platform Cambodia

Published Date: June, Thursday 01, 2017

Leading telecom company Cellcard has joined CSR Platform Cambodia to further pursue its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision to play a meaningful and measureable role in changing people’s lives.

“Being a member of the Platform gives surety and commitment to our direction and enables us to draw from a wealth of CSR experience from other members,” said Cellcard Chief Executive Ian Watson.

“Cellcard has long been the first point of request for support for hundreds of sponsorship and partnership opportunities from across the country, and we always do our best to support what we can,” he said.

“But now we have to look at using our limited resources in a way that makes maximum impact to our communities and we can do that through a structured and publicly endorsed CSR approach.”

Cellcard’s investment in community projects and events over its 20 years of operation is significant earning us very high levels of public perception for being a brand that makes a difference to people’s lives, he said.

“Other factors that come out strongly in Cellcard’s favour is Credibility, Trustworthiness and Cares for the Future.”

Reinforcing Cellcard’s commitment to community was the recent announcement of the partnership with the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC).

The partnership will see the Cellcard Football School of Talent conduct academies in every province by the middle of next year.

“As with most CSR initiatives, there is a face of fun and excitement with tournaments and gatherings, but in the background we have a very serious agenda keep young people free of negative influences such as drugs, alcohol and crime,”Mr Watson said.

He said football was just the beginning as the full CSR programme is expected to take shape over the coming weeks and months.

“With our membership in the CSR Platform we will work hard to cement our position as the only proudly Khmer telecom operator in Cambodia with a vested interest in the future progress of the nation.”

CSR Platform Cambodia Secretariat Romina de Jong said she was pleased to welcome Cellcard as a member.

“Cellcard’s commitment to CSR and role in the Platform will help inspire other corporate companies to follow and make more positive and lasting impacts in the communities in which they operate.”

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