Cellcard’s use of solar power showcased by GSMA in Rural Connectivity case study | Cellcard

Cellcard’s use of solar power showcased by GSMA in Rural Connectivity case study

Published Date: November, Friday 16, 2018

A recent report released by the GSMA highlights Cellcard’s success in powering its network footprint with a hybrid method of solar power offset by diesel.

The report titled Rural Connectivity Innovation Case Study: Cellcard Cambodia and Solar Power details how Cellcard has used renewable energy to bring down the cost of powering its network across the Kingdom – much of which is in remote areas with difficult terrain.

The report points to Cellcard’s use of solar power saving as much as $30M over a 10-year period as well as 100,000 metric tons of CO2.20.

The report includes a series of recommendations to further increase the use of renewable energy, which Cellcard is addressing in its overall strategy to monetise the network and continue to provide affordable access to mobile data nation-wide.

Cellcard’s Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said the report shows the positive impacts of solar power both environmentally and economically.

He said the report also highlights the challenges faced by all operators who are obliged to offer nation-wide coverage in markets where rural areas have very low populations and revenue potential.

“Monetisation is an ongoing challenge, but as Cambodia’s only locally owned operator we maintain our duty of care to provide the widest coverage and fastest network to help progress Cambodia to become a leading digitised economy,” Mr Watson said.

“Connecting rural communities to vital services via our data network is certainly a critical part of our 4G and 5G strategies both now and in the future.”

The full case study is available here

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