Published Date: May, Monday 02, 2016

A Cellcard crowdsourcing initiative to support a true Cambodian innovation and the young entrepreneurs behind Alien Dev’s Khmer Smart Keyboard App ends with a successful turn over of $1,886.

The turn over, officiated by Cellcard’s Director of Marketing, Neik Van Veen, was held at the Cellcard Head Office in Sihanouk on the 8th of July, 3pm.

The donation is made on behalf of Cellcard and it’s subscribers, and will be instrumental in, not only enabling Alien Dev to continue offering the Khmer Smart Keyboard app  free of charge on the Google Playstore and Apple Store, but more importantly contribute to further development and improvements in the apps use experience.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this drive to support innovation. We could not expect a more positive feedback and support from our subscribers. As a Cambodian telecommunications company, we are aware of the hurdles that Cambodia faces to the adoption of technology, and as we move forward to more modern times, it is important and necessary for all of us to innovate ways and tools that will help bridge the gap between Cambodia and world. There are many bright young minds in Cambodia who are contributing to this mission of moving the country forward through innovation, and many need public support. We continue to look for new promising innovations and putting them at the center of the public’s eye so that they may, not only get the attention they deserve, but so that they may also appeal for public support.” —Niek Van Veen, Cellcard’s Director of Marketing.

Khmer Smart Keyboard developer and representative, Mr. Kruy Vanna expresses his gratitude to Cellcard during the turn over event, adding that “Cellcard has been very welcoming and supportive. We did not expect to get this kind of support from anyone. Cellcard has helped not only in enabling us to get funding for our app, but also in creating awareness for it. From 18 May 2015 to 31 June 2015, the Khmer Smart Keyboard app has been downloaded 20,500 times and more people have also visited our website – up to 1035 page visits, a 9.9% increase prior to the Cellcard initiative. We are very grateful to Cellcard and everyone who has donated. We continue to work hard to improve our app for every Khmer. — Mr Kruy Vanna, Khmer Smart Keyboard.

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