Cellcard and People in Need (PIN) Cambodia partners to strengthen knowledge on disaster management and preparedness on social media | Cellcard

Cellcard and People in Need (PIN) Cambodia partners to strengthen knowledge on disaster management and preparedness on social media

Published Date: June, Monday 28, 2021

Cellcard and People in Need (PIN) Cambodia will work together to further advocate for disaster preparedness in Cambodia through strengthened information sharing. As the rainy season approaches, there is an immediate need for information dissemination. The partnership will support the Royal Government of Cambodia’s commitment to spread the knowledge on disaster preparedness using multiple platforms and channels to ensure that early warning messages are accessible to more people nationwide.

With this year’s rainy season, the Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology (MOWRAM) has shared that heavy rainfall could affect provinces most vulnerable to floods, and could raise the water levels of the Mekong River, Tonle Bassac River, and Tonle Sap River. Additionally, the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to ensure the safety of vulnerable communities during these times.

To better communicate the incoming hazards, such as heavy rainfall and possible flooding in the country, the government has strongly endorsed the Early Warning System 1294 (EWS1294), developed by People in Need (PIN). It is a lifesaving technology that can detect incoming hazards and allows both provincial and national governments to share early warning messages to vulnerable populations, on the appropriate safety measures for responding to natural hazards. With support from Cellcard’s extensive cellular and social media network, the system will be introduced within the Royal Group and their wide range of customers to register to the ‘1294’ service.

“Helping people prepare for floods, especially during the pandemic, is vitally important,” said Cellcard CEO Ian Watson.

“People in Need do a fantastic job in monitoring flood level rise and supporting impacted areas, and Cellcard is very pleased to be part of their initiatives.“

“We urge everyone to register for the 1294 service to stay up to date and importantly stay safe.”

The ‘1294’ is free and can be accessed by anyone. This allows people to keep informed on incoming rain and flooding in the country. When registering, people can easily set the information depending on their location to get early warning messages, and be able to prepare properly. More than just information on disaster, COVID-19 messages have been disseminated through this platform.

“Technology and innovation continue to evolve. We see how Cambodia has embraced future-thinking initiatives. The Early Warning System (EWS) 1294 is indeed, an innovative tool that can save lives during these challenging times. Through the early warning messages, people can better prepare to mitigate the risk of heavy rains and flooding, as well us stay informed with COVID-19 information. People need to know what to do to protect themselves in times of emergencies,” pointed out by Lukas Laube, Country Director, People in Need in Cambodia.

The collaboration will see Cellcard and Royal Group support People in Need to advocate for disaster management preparedness, COVID response, gender equality, women empowerment and children protection.

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