Cellcard x SabaiCode signs MOU for Full Stack Developer Bootcamp 2022-2023 | Cellcard

Cellcard x SabaiCode signs MOU for Full Stack Developer Bootcamp 2022-2023

Published Date: August, Monday 15, 2022

Cellcard X Sabaicode pens new agreement to roll out a second installment to its 2021 pilot program – Full Stack Developer Bootcamp. The new Bootcamp, which is slated to take-in applications in September this year, will be an intensive 6-month program where students will be assigned to build a real-world marketable software working with technologies such as JavaScript/Nodejs/ES6, ReactJS/NextJS, Express JS among others, and using robust management tools such as Scrum with Jira/Trello, Git & GitHub, Bitbucket pipeline and UX/UI.

The signing comes after a closing ceremony held at the Cellcard Head Office for the first batch of bootcamp graduates, and is made with the intention of extending this opportunity to more talented students in line with the partners’ shared objective and vision of equipping Cambodia’s youth with the necessary skills to participate and contribute to the Kingdom’s digital economy.

The first Bootcamp, which was a 12-month curriculum, concluded yesterday with presentations for four innovative digital solutions addressing key societal issues. The presentations were made in front of a panel which included SabaiCode co-founders, Piseth Leng and Sarouen Sum, together with Cellcard CEO, Simon Perkins, CCO Johnny Wong and CDO Yoshi as well as other members of Cellcard’s management team. A program completion certificate was awarded to each student thereafter.

SabaiCode’s co-founder Piseth Leng, who resides in the United States was present via a video call to impart an inspiring address to the graduates. He says “this is only the beginning. When you go out there in the real world, you’ll face a new set of challenges, but all these challenges you can overcome just like how you’ve overcome the challenges you had during your time with us in this bootcamp. Your classmates will be replaced by colleagues, your teachers replaced by managers, deadlines will be real, but whenever you face difficulties, remember your time here and what you have accomplished. Never give up.”

All students of the first bootcamp have been confirmed to have already secured job offers with some already employed in prominent technology companies. Regardless, when asked what is the next step for their projects, the students have expressed that they are eager to continue working on the initiatives which the bootcamp has helped them start, and endeavoring to launch them as real-world applications in the future.

“I am impressed with the presentations and delighted in the fact that each project addresses a pressing issue in their own communities. They’re familiarity and knowledge of the technologies is apparent as well as their intentions to use their new-found knowledge, skills and tools to improve lives, create new conveniences and solve problems. While they still have a long way to go, we are confident that this batch of students will do well and we are open to welcoming them into Cellcard when they’re ready.” – Simon Perkins, Cellcard CEO.

On behalf of the Sabaicode team, co-founder Sum Sareuon expressed his gratitude for Cellcard’s support in the 12-month programme, and looks forward to running the next installment of the bootcamp in the coming months.

Representing the 10 scholarship students, Ms Loem Pisey said “through this program, we have learnt so much, not only about the core technical skills of coding, but also interpersonal skills, and time management skills, which prepares us better for our future career journey.”

SabaiCode Bootcamp 2022-2023 will be 6-month coding program. Applications is scheduled in September with the intent of taking in the next batch of 15 students, sponsored by Cellcard. Details of the curriculum and class schedules will be published in SabaiCode’s website 

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